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THE last Na­tional Health and Mor­bid­ity Sur­vey in 2011 showed that one in seven adults above the age of 18 are di­a­betic and many are not even aware of be­ing di­a­betic.

De­spite the ad­vances touted by drug com­pa­nies at the launch of ev­ery new drug to treat di­a­betes, only two- thirds of di­a­bet­ics un­der med­i­cal care achieve good con­trol.

It is pos­si­ble to achieve good con­trol by con­sum­ing a healthy diet. For those whose sta­ple diet is rice, one strat­egy is to re­duce harm­ful car­bo­hy­drate from rice when cook­ing it.

Rice con­tains starches that ex­ist in a com­bi­na­tion of amy­lose and amy­lopectin. The ra­tio of these two com­po­nents de­ter­mines if a par­tic­u­lar car­bo­hy­drate is clas­si­fied as rapidly di­gestible starch ( RDS) or slowly di­gestible starch ( SDS).

Hav­ing a ra­tio of higher amounts of amy­lopectin mol­e­cules to amy­lose mol­e­cules clas­si­fies rice as RDS, which means it has a high gly­caemic index.

Foods with high gly­caemic index cause blood glu­cose to rise quickly, stay high longer and con­se­quently spike blood sugar lev­els.

In com­par­i­son, SDS breaks down slower, mak­ing it a health­ier choice as it does not raise blood glu­cose lev­els quickly or keep it high for long.

The Grayns RevoCook tech­nol­ogy used to cook rice in the Grayns rice cooker does not let rice boil. Boil­ing rice causes the cell wall of the rice grain to break down and al­low amy­lose mol­e­cules to leave the rice grain.

The gela­tin­i­sa­tion tem­per­a­ture is held long enough to en­sure only the RDS mol­e­cules are re­moved from the rice grain and dis­solved in wa­ter. The end re­sult is that rice cooked in the Grayns Rice Cooker has a higher amy­lose to amy­lopectin ra­tio, which makes it an SDS.

The end prod­uct is car­bo­hy­drates that pro­vide needed en­ergy while be­ing slowly di­gested and re­leased into the blood­stream with­out spik­ing blood glu­cose lev­els.

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Rice cooked in Grayns Rice Cook­ers pro­vides en­ergy with­out spik­ing your glu­cose lev­els.

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