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LIV­ING in to­day’s fast- paced, driven world is a chal­lenge but grow­ing up in it is a big­ger chal­lenge. The ex­pe­ri­ences young peo­ple are ex­posed to seem lim­it­less, yet in Asia, their progress and ul­ti­mate suc­cess is judged by their aca­demic progress.

It is of­ten all about the num­ber of A’s achieved and cer­tifi­cates earned. How­ever, life is not de­signed around the same prin­ci­ples that guide aca­demic prow­ess.

It is about ma­noeu­vring through the chal­lenges in life, and that is some­thing that goes be­yond the skills that their aca­demics pro­vide. This is where ex­tracur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties come in.

When stu­dents par­tic­i­pate in ex­tracur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties, their com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills are honed as they in­ter­act with others. Con­sis­tent in­volve­ment in ex­tracur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties boosts their self- es­teem and con­fi­dence.

As a re­sult, they be­come bet­ter at han­dling set­backs and fail­ures as their ex­pe­ri­ences make them men­tally and emo­tion­ally stronger. Bal­anc­ing their ex­tracur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties and aca­demic de­mands is not easy, but along the way they de­velop good self- dis­ci­pline and time management, giv­ing them an edge when join­ing the work­force.

When stu­dents are in­volved with ex­tracur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties, their sense of re­spon­si­bil­ity and pas­sion merge to in­spire them to ex­cel in all they do.

Par­ents who are con­cerned about their chil­dren be­ing dis­tracted from their lessons would be in­ter­ested to know that stud­ies show stu­dents are more likely to do bet­ter aca­dem­i­cally when they par­tic­i­pate in ex­tracur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties.

A num­ber of these stud­ies have even found that stu­dents par­tic­i­pat­ing in ex­tracur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties are less likely to be ab­sent from school.

As with all things, mod­er­a­tion is key. Fill­ing a stu­dent’s timetable with only school, tu­ition classes and ex­tracur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties w no down­time at all, can be detri­men­tal as they be­come too tired.

They be­come un­able to juggl their var­i­ous com­mit­ments and find that their fam­ily time is re­duced. There­fore, while they should be en­cour­aged to pur­sue both their aca­demic and non- aca­demic in­ter­ests, this should not re­sult in them be­ing swamped in ac­tiv­i­ties and feel­ing over­whelmed. This would cer­tainly not be ben­e­fi­cial.

elc In­ter­na­tional School strongly be­lieves that stu­dents need more than just their aca­demics to suc­ceed in life and are keen to pro­vide its stu­dents with a plat­form to de­velop their ex­tracur­ric­u­lar in­ter­ests.

As part of the school cur­ricu­lum, stu­dents are re­quired to se­lect two dif­fer­ent ex­tracur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties ev­ery term. In ad­di­tion to these al­lo­cated pe­ri­ods, they are also en­cour­aged to join var­i­ous ac­tiv­i­ties af­ter school to fur­ther their in­ter­ests.

Across both the Sun­gai Bu­loh and Cy­ber­jaya cam­puses, there is a wide range of ac­tiv­i­ties to suit stu­dents’ in­ter­ests and pas­sions, in­clud­ing per­form­ing arts, sports, de­bate and pub­lic speak­ing, com­put­ing and pro­gram­ming and even com­mu­nity ser­vice.

Stu­dents are en­cour­aged to ex­plore their in­ter­ests and their in­volve­ment with these var­i­ous ac­tiv­i­ties that sup­port their drive for aca­demic suc­cess and de­ter­mi­na­tion to go fur­ther in life.

In ad­di­tion to the staff at elc, out­side providers and spe­cial­ists in the ar­eas on of­fer are also called in to help sup­port the growth of the stu­dents in its care and to pre­pare them for their next step in life.

At the end of the day, this is what ed­u­ca­tion is and what elc rep­re­sents; ex­cel­lence in every­thing we do, loy­alty to each other and com­mit­ment to con­tin­u­ous im­prove­ment. – For more in­for­ma­tion, visit www. elc. edu. my.

Bal­anc­ing ex­tracur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties and aca­demics equips stu­dents with good self- dis­ci­pline and time management, which give them an edge when they en­ter the work­ing world.

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