Dish de­ter­gent to the res­cue

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DISH de­ter­gent is cheap, and it’s use­ful for more than clean­ing plates and glasses. Here are three ways you can use your de­ter­gent out­side of its nor­mal use.

Fly killer: You’ve got your zap­per, your pet cat has been told to be on the look­out, but those pesky flies keep buzzing in­doors, de­ter­mined to feast on your rend­ing.

In­stead of keep­ing the lit­tle pests out, lure them to one side of your kitchen with the aid of a bowl of vine­gar.

Add a cou­ple of drops ( just two or three) to the bowl. The vine­gar at­tracts the flies and the soap breaks up the sur­face ten­sion of the liq­uid, so the mo­ment the flies try to sip, they slip in and drown.

Clean jew­ellery: Those pretty lit­tle ban­gles, rings and neck­laces with all those tiny bits of com­pli­cated folds and edges can be dif­fi­cult to clean.

Mix some bub­bly soda wa­ter with a tea­spoon of de­ter­gent. Set your jew­ellery in to soak for 15 min­utes, stir­ring once or twice. The bub­bles should force the soap into all the nooks and cran­nies.

Af­ter it’s soaked, use a soft bris­tled tooth­brush to give it the light­est of pats. Then rinse in clean cold wa­ter.

Amuse the kids: Tell the kids you’ve fi­nally honed your ki­naes­thetic skills and of­fer to prove it. Put some grated black pep­per into a bowl of wa­ter. Ask the kids to stick a fin­ger in the wa­ter and to move the pep­per by their minds alone.

Se­cretly put a dol­lop of de­ter­gent on your fin­ger. When you put your fin­ger in the wa­ter, the pep­per will move away.

Claim it’s all part of your ki­naes­thetic pow­ers; and re­ward the kid who points out it’s a re­sult of break­ing up sur­face ten­sion.

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