When­ever, wher­ever

For Shakira, mu­sic takes back­seat to moth­er­hood.

The Star Malaysia - Star2 - - Showbiz - By MESFIN FEKADU

SHAKIRA may be a Gram­my­win­ning, mul­ti­plat­inum singer, but these days she’s call­ing mu­sic a hobby.

Singing has taken a back seat to moth­er­hood for the 40-year-old Colom­bian sen­sa­tion, who has two sons, ages four and two.

“For years I spent my life press­ing pause on those things that are now my pri­or­ity, like hav­ing a fam­ily. I pressed pause on that. Now, I hit play,” Shakira said with a laugh. “I formed a fam­ily, and it’s the most won­der­ful thing, the most im­por­tant thing to me. And be­fore, I used to be the cen­ter of my whole world and the be­gin­ning and the end, the al­pha and omega of my whole world, and now my kids and my fam­ily are that one pri­or­ity.”

Shakira said it was dif­fi­cult to ap­proach mak­ing new mu­sic after spend­ing so much time with her fam­ily. When she started work­ing in the record­ing stu­dio, she said she dealt with writer’s block and didn’t want to be away from her chil­dren.

“I was in front of this white can­vas and sort of pan­ick­ing, and I was, at the same time, con­flicted be­cause I didn’t want to stop spend­ing time with my kids, but I also wanted to at­tend to my own needs as a creator, as an artist, as a pro­ducer,” she said.

She de­cided to release mu­sic in her own way and at her own pace. In­stead of putting out a full al­bum, she re­leased songs when she wanted with­out an­nounc­ing when an al­bum would fi­nally come.

“It com­pletely changed my game and it in­cen­tivised me to make more mu­sic and not take this whole project as a whole body of work, but just con­cen­trate all of my en­ergy on each song and take and do all of the ef­forts but one song at a time ... in­stead of look­ing at this project like a big Ever­est moun­tain that I had to climb,” she said. “I be­gan to see it as a ... fun road trip.”

“It was more fun than any of my pre­vi­ous al­bums be­cause be­fore I had many de­mands (and) re­quests by oth­ers,” she added.

Be­fore she re­leased her 11th al­bum, El Do­rado, last week, Shakira dropped four sin­gles, in­clud­ing La Bi­ci­cleta with Carlos Vives – which won song and record of the year at last year’s Latin Gram­mys – and Chan­taje ,a No. 1 hit on Bill­board’s Hot Latin songs chart with fel­low Colom­bian singer Maluma.

Shakira co-wrote all of the tracks on the al­bum, and said they are very per­sonal.

“These songs are very per­sonal songs, but you know, I have no other way to make mu­sic. It’s the only way I know. It’s (a) cathar­sis for me ... oth­er­wise I would have to pay too many shrinks and they’re ex­pen­sive,” she said with a laugh. — AP

Since be­com­ing a mother, Shakira has been re­leas­ing mu­sic in her own way and at her own pace. —AP

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