77 Heart­breaks

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(★★★✩✩) SWEET­HEARTS since law school, Adam (Pakho Chow) and Eva (Char­lene Choi) have been in a re­la­tion­ship for 10 years now. How­ever, one day, Eva de­cides to break up with Adam.

Adam doesn’t know what he’s done wrong un­til he comes across Eva’s jour­nal, which lists out 77 mis­takes he had com­mit­ted to­wards her when they were to­gether. Will he be able to mend his ways? Will Eva ever for­give him?

77 Heart­breaks is a well-pro­duced film di­rected by Her­man Yau. It has a twist and an end­ing that’s open for in­ter­pre­ta­tion. An end­ing, I be­lieve, that will get view­ers think­ing more about the story and the char­ac­ters.

The film also gives an in­sight into re­la­tion­ships: It shows how, if there is no ef­fort from both par­ties then the re­la­tion­ship is doomed. – Suky Gill first film is just too messy to serve as a good launch pad. Rus­sell Crowe’s char­ac­ter might as well be re­named Basil Ex­po­si­tion, be­cause that’s about all he’s there for (the ex­po­si­tion, not the basil – don’t be a pesto). The ac­tion se­quences are loud but un­in­volv­ing, ex­cept for one off­beat dust-up with Ah­manet’s un­dead min­ions, though that is played more for laughs than chills. Oh, be­have. (★★✩✩✩)

– Davin Arul

A NASTY but oc­ca­sion­ally ef­fec­tive lit­tle hor­ror flick which could have been a re­ally great genre en­try with tighter script­ing and more con­sis­tent be­hav­iour among its char­ac­ters. It re­volves around a cursed box, con­tain­ing a vi­cious lit­tle mon­ster, that can only be given by its cur­rent owner to some­one s/he truly loves. If not, well, the beast comes out and kills peo­ple.

This box comes into the pos­ses­sion of one Adam Thatcher (Adam Hamp­ton), a flawed in­di­vid­ual who, in his el­dest daugh­ter’s words, wrecks things rather than fixes them. So when Adam vows to “fix” their lit­tle mon­ster prob­lem, his fam­ily isn’t re­ally con­vinced. And there’s that is­sue of one of them drop­ping dead ev­ery now and then.

Grem­lin has a cou­ple of star­tling death scenes, de­cent enough CGI for its ob­vi­ous low bud­get, but is fre­quently let


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