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ISOGAI Dy­namic Ther­apy

(IDT), also known as the “Bind­ing legs Tech­nique”, em­pha­sises on the us­age of Isogai Align­ment Belts to bind both legs for dy­namic bal­ances of hu­man struc­ture, where the spine is in its cor­rect po­si­tion in the spinal col­umn.

The tech­nique was dis­cov­ered by renowned Ja­panese os­teopath Dr Kimiyoshi Isogai in the 1950s.

He has writ­ten over 200 books on IDT, ex­plain­ing the im­por­tance of keep­ing the hu­man spine in proper align­ment.

As part of the cen­tral ner­vous sys­tem, the spinal cord passes ver­ti­cally through the spine to­gether with ma­jor nerves sup­plies.

Any change in the spine’s po­si­tion will im­pede nerves sup­plies and af­fect the body’s nat­u­ral mech­a­nism process.

In­cor­rect habits such as cross­ing legs, slouch­ing and slump­ing while sit­ting, hunch­ing and round­ing up shoul­der would lead to leg length dis­crep­an­cies and un­even pelvis, which will even­tu­ally re­sult to dis­torted spine.

A dis­crep­ancy in leg length forces a side of the pelvis to lift higher to ac­com­mo­date the longer leg and this po­si­tion will cause the spine to tilt.

Mean­while, the pelvis acts as a base to hold the spine up­right and al­lows full flex­i­bil­ity for it to move ac­cord­ing to its cen­tre of bal­ance.

If the pelvis is un­even, the spine will tilt to a cer­tain di­rec­tion.

The bend­ing of the spine from its nat­u­ral cur­va­ture will cause un­even com­pres­sion sur­round­ing the spine, which in re­turn cause dis­com­forts.

Mus­cles, lig­a­ments and ten­dons will be con­sis­tently tensed, re­sult­ing in mus­cu­lar skele­tal dis­or­der (MSD) or com­monly known as neck and back pain dis­com­fort.

IDT is a self-man­aged ther­apy to neck and back pains.

Users are guided to prac­tise a se­ries of cor­rect phys­i­cal move­ments by bind­ing legs, us­ing Isogai’s tools such as the MOB Back Healer that works with the Isogai Align­ment Belts for back and leg prob­lems, the MOB Neck Healer that also work with the Isogai Align­ment Belts for neck and shoul­der prob­lem and the MOB Knees And Legs Ther­a­peu­tic Bench for knees and legs prob­lems.

IDT has been well known and ac­cepted in Ja­pan and Tai­wan for the last 60 years.

Its suc­cess is at­trib­uted to its prac­ti­cal, ef­fec­tive and safe tech­niques that ev­ery­one can prac­tise on a daily ba­sis.

IDT in Malaysia is pro­moted through public sem­i­nars and users are given train­ing to ac­quire the know-how.

For more in­for­ma­tion, visit www.neckand­back­ or call 016-947 3065.

Mis­align­ment of body struc­ture is not only an ob­sta­cle to beauty and health but also a ma­jor cause of neck and back pains.

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