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AN­DROID phones be­gin to show signs of age­ing af­ter less than two years. The bat­tery barely makes it to mid­day, and the nav­i­ga­tion gets slug­gish.

But these five sim­ple steps could bring your old phone back up to speed, re­ports the trade mag­a­zine Con­nect.

Delete apps: Smart­phone users should reg­u­larly check whether they are ac­tu­ally us­ing all the apps that they have in­stalled. Apps take up pre­cious stor­age space – and if the smart­phone’s in­ter­nal mem­ory is too full, it will slow down. More­over, some ap­pli­ca­tions are con­stantly run­ning in the back­ground. You can unin­stall or de­ac­ti­vate apps in the Ap­pli­ca­tions Man­ager, which can be found un­der Set­tings.

Close back­ground apps: You can also close apps that are run­ning in the back­ground in the Ap­pli­ca­tions Man­ager. This frees up mem­ory and im­proves pro­cess­ing speed. Se­lect “En­abled” in the All Apps menu to view all the pro­grams that are cur­rently run­ning on your phone, and press “Force Stop” to shut down an app.

Clear the cache: In­ter­net browsers and apps save inessen­tial in­for­ma­tion on your phone so that they can serve you faster on sub­se­quent vis­its. This cache takes up stor­age space. Delete your cache in Set­tings, un­der Stor­age.

Trans­fer data: The in­ter­nal stor­age on older de­vices should re­main as empty as An­droid phones such as the Google Nexus 6 can start to slow down af­ter a cou­ple of years, but there are some things you can do to help speed them up again. — dpa

pos­si­ble. It is there­fore ad­vis­able to trans­fer photos and videos ei­ther to your com­puter or a mem­ory card. Un­nec­es­sary data, for ex­am­ple from What­sApp con­ver­sa­tions, can also largely be deleted. To delete sev­eral images at once, open the rel­e­vant folder in the Gallery and se­lect Edit.

Re­move wid­gets: The more wid­gets are ac­tive on your Home­screen, the more com­put­ing power your An­droid will need. It is of­ten enough just to open the as­so­ci­ated app. To delete a wid­get, tap and hold it, then move it to the trash can. — dpa

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