An emo­tional les­son

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their emo­tions in­stead of sup­press­ing them. Emo­tions and feel­ings hurt. They can­not be stored away. They gather and col­lect dust in a cor­ner of the mind un­til some­thing trig­gers them, turn­ing the dust into pins and nee­dles that pierce and sting with ev­ery thought. ea con . n . rou , ence . am e scr ar s n m se . e ore m w . e

. , the more my hands be­gan to sweat and the dread I did not fore­see pulled me deeper into a vast ocean.

“Let’s wel­come Emily Ng onto the stage to share her thoughts!” The speak­ers blared. This was my mo­ment. Tak­ing a deep breath, I whis­pered, “Ev­ery­thing will be fine.”

Then, I stepped into the spot­light and froze. The bright lights blinded me, cloud­ing my vi­sion. I re­cited my first line, then my sec­ond. After that, I could re­call noth­ing. My mind fran­ti­cally sought for words.

The re­al­i­sa­tion that I had stage fright a . . . . em ar­rass­men . ure. was e l , w ears e e

. eac er s e as

. .– crouc or e rs . on


The spring wind whis­tled past me as I heard foot­steps run­ning my way. I wiped my tears away and stood up, only to see my best friends com­ing to scold me be­cause I was such a joke.

I hung my head in em­bar­rass­ment. Then, arms en­closed me sud­denly in a hug. “Guys...” my voice cracked as tears of sur­prise trick­led down.

“Hey now, don’t cry,” said An­drea with a smile. “It doesn’t mat­ter if you screw up. Stage fright in front of ev­ery­one is not that big a deal be­cause ev­ery­one has these mo­ments and ev­ery­one makes mis­takes. We will al­ways be here for you no mat­ter what.”

ld cry as I held them tighter. ound t eir way to ark that I

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