Tak­ing care of non-stick pans

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WHEN those easy care, easy cook pans don’t last as ex­pected, you may be un­in­ten­tion­ally dam­ag­ing your cook­ware.

Here are some com­mon things we all do that can dam­age non-stick pots, pans and bak­ing trays.

Avoid very hot wa­ter and use a good scrub­bing brush: Non-stick cook­ing ware typ­i­cally has a sur­face that’s spe­cially treated to cope with heat and food but it can be dam­aged if you poke at it.

Overly heated wa­ter can be a prob­lem too so un­less your pots are cer­ti­fied dish­wash­er­safe, avoid ma­chine wash­ing if you have one. Bot­tom line: the best clean­ing is done with a gen­tle soap and a soft sponge.

Buy a wooden spoon: Just like wash­ing a pot with a wire brush will dam­age the treated sur­face, so will scratch­ing it with metal im­ple­ments while you’re stir­ring and turn­ing.

Sub­sti­tute metal tongs, spat­u­las and cook­ing spoons with wooden uten­sils for pref­er­ence or spe­cially made soft ma­te­ri­als.

Rub the sur­face with a bit of but­ter: Be­fore you cook, rub the sur­face of the pan with a bit of but­ter. Even if it’s oil-free, it doesn’t hurt to give the sur­face a bit of ex­tra help.

Re­mem­ber to rub the pan when it’s cold be­cause if you wait un­til it’s hot, the fat is more likely to go straight into the food in­stead of ly­ing on the cook­ing sur­face.

Store pots with lay­ers of tea towel: When you stack one pot on top of an­other, they can scratch and dam­age each other.

The eas­i­est way to pro­tect them all is to hang them up. But if you don’t have space, then stack them up and put a clean tea towel be­tween each one.

Don’t con­fuse non-stick with in­de­struc­tible: It’s tempt­ing when you see ad­ver­tise­ments on TV about burnt eggs and stuff that slide straight out of the pan so you might think that you can sub­ject your pan to all sorts of tem­per­a­tures.

How­ever, this kind of ex­treme treat­ment will has­ten the demise of your cook­ware.

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