Melissa Leo has al­ways been a fighter

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it that’s all you’ll ever have,” she nods.

“They think, ‘Oh, such con­fi­dence!’ No, it’s act­ing. That’s act­ing. So ev­ery day I work it’s that process of sur­mount­ing what’s ter­ri­fy­ing. It’s a bless­ing to me.”

Be­fore she was 10, her par­ents di­vorced and her father drifted out of the pic­ture. Her mother, who was work­ing on her grad­u­ate de­gree in early child­hood ed­u­ca­tion, moved Melissa and her brother to Ver­mont on a prop­erty owned by sev­eral peo­ple.

It was not a com­mune, she laughs. “We found ways to live there to­gether, and in later years, when many of us moved away, we found a way to still share the prop­erty to­gether and use it.

“Like any group, it was a com­pli­cated thing, but not a com­mune in the sense of a com­mon ide­ol­ogy or any­thing like that, more in the sense of a so­cial way of liv­ing; what makes sense.”

Her father’s de­par­ture had a long-term ef­fect on her, she thinks. “When my dad left, it was con­fus­ing to me. And that set up some dif­fi­culty later in life of how that gets dealt with,” she says.

“A cou­ple of par­ents in the house is a re­ally good thing for a child grow­ing up, two dif­fer­ent peo­ple. Then, when I had my own son, we had some pretty tough years.”

The tough years were pre­cip­i­tated when she and her son’s father split up. “I was not go­ing to con­tinue re­sid­ing with his father,” she says. “And find­ing out how our fam­ily would get shaped, those were pretty tough years.

“A lot of it was the five years I was on Homi­cide: Life On The Street,” she sighs. Her son is 29 and do­ing grad­u­ate work in fine art in Frankfurt, Ger­many.

She says she’d love to en­gage an­other sweetheart, but doubts that will hap­pen. “It’s quite a mess out there and I’m not a man, never been a man, but it feels like it’s a bit harder. A woman part­ners when she’s younger, or she doesn’t.

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