Score 50 coins daily on Poke­mon Go

If you’re a Poke­mon Go diehard fan, here are some tips on how to cap­i­talise your time at the gyms.

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SO it’s been three weeks since Niantic mas­sively over­hauled the gym game­play sys­tem in Poke­mon Go.

No doubt by now you know that you only re­ceive coins when your Poke­mon re­turns to you, but did you know there are cer­tain things you can do to make the daily quest for the max num­ber of coins eas­ier?

It’s a num­bers game

Since we know that ev­ery 10 min­utes spent de­fend­ing a gym nets you one coin – which works out to six coins per hour – that means you’d need roughly 8.5 hours in a gym daily to hit the max 50 coins.

The eas­i­est and most ob­vi­ous way to make the odds work in your favour is to park your mons in a few gyms at once, and then hope/ pray that they man­age to stay long enough to get you a de­cent amount of coins. For ex­am­ple, say you man­age to park your mons in four gyms – you’d only need for them to last two hours each to net you 48 coins.

Of course, the more gyms you de­fend, the less time you need to net 50 coins.

Tim­ing is ev­ery­thing

An­other trick is to cap­i­talise on the gen­er­ally lower amount of ac­tiv­ity in gyms in the wee hours of the morn­ing – many train­ers are now at­tack­ing gyms past mid­night or even later in the hopes that their Poke­mons man­age to last through the night, dur­ing the eight or so hours when most of civil­i­sa­tion is catch­ing their Zzzs.

Ad­di­tion­ally, this strat­egy has the high­est chance of work­ing for gyms lo­cated in qui­eter ar­eas – such as those near or in of­fice build­ings, ba­si­cally places that are gen­er­ally de­serted af­ter work­ing hours.

How­ever, park­ing your mons in qui­eter gyms also runs the risk of not hav­ing any­one else from ri­val teams come around to kick out your mon later, in which case you wouldn’t re­ceive any coins – a dou­ble-edged sword if ever there was one, and one meant to dis­cour­age cer­tain quar­ters from hog­ging the gyms for weeks if not months on end and shut­ting other play­ers out.

Might isn’t al­ways right

If you’re any­thing like us, and have been play­ing since the launch of the game a year ago, you’re prob­a­bly at level 30 (or higher) and have as­sem­bled a ros­ter of par­tic­u­larly high-pow­ered Drag­o­nites, Snor­laxes and the like that you used to au­to­mat­i­cally de­ploy to de­fend gyms. The self­evi­dent truth then was that the more pow­er­ful your Poke­mon, the bet­ter its chances of suc­cess­fully de­fend­ing the gym.

Now, how­ever, Niantic has tweaked the game­play me­chan­ics to level the play­ing field a bit for those who’re at lower lev­els, par­tic­u­larly kids who may not have had the time (or parental per­mis­sion) to spend long hours lev­el­ling them­selves up. What this means is that de­fend­ing Poke­mons with CP above 3,000 will lose some­thing like 10% of their mo­ti­va­tion with ev­ery pass­ing hour, whereas those with CP be­low 3,000 lose some­thing like a mere 1% with each pass­ing hour. Thus high­er­pow­ered Poke­mons will be­come high main­te­nance as you’d need to feed them berries more of­ten than their lower-pow­ered brethren. If your aim is to have the Poke­mon de­fend the gym for as long as pos­si­ble with min­i­mal in­put from you – say at a gym that’s fur­ther away from your usual haunts – the best type of Poke­mons to use are the ones with CP be­tween 2,800 to 2,999. The trick is to aim for a bal­ance be­tween a toopow­er­ful Poke­mon that would lose steam too quickly, and a tooweak Poke­mon that wouldn’t be able to fend off at­tacks from ri­val teams.

If, how­ever, you’re park­ing a Poke­mon at a gym that you have easy ac­cess to, feel free to park your most pow­er­ful one be­cause you can eas­ily feed it berries to keep its mo­ti­va­tion lev­els up.

Stay fo­cused

Ever no­ticed the gym badges in your in­ven­tory? They’re not just for show, or sim­ply to track where you’ve been – you can level up each in­di­vid­ual gym to re­ceive more items when you spin its Photo Disc.

So if there’s a gym at your of­fice, you may want to con­cen­trate your en­er­gies on that gym. (Not that we’re en­cour­ag­ing you to ne­glect work, ahem.)

There are no hard and fast rules that dic­tate ex­actly how you level up a gym, but from anec­do­tal re­ports from other train­ers, it seems to be a com­bi­na­tion of bat­tles won against ri­val teams, the length of time your mons spent de­fend­ing the gym, and even the amount of berries you gave not just to your own Poke­mon but your team­mates’ as well.

Ev­ery time you park a Poke­mon in a gym, you get +100 points that goes to­wards lev­el­ling up that blue bar you see un­der­neath each gym badge. Feed­ing berries gets you +10 points per treat, so it adds up.

This might not have a di­rect im­pact on the coins you re­ceive daily, but as you need berries and po­tions in the course of your game­play, you may as well in­clude the gyms near you to max­imise re­turns on your time.

Team­work is cru­cial

More than ever be­fore, team­work now takes prece­dence. When the gym you’re de­fend­ing is un­der at­tack, not only can you take more proac­tive mea­sures – feed­ing berries – but other mem­bers of your team may also park their Poke­mons as slots open up in the gym.

How­ever, this ap­plies only to those team mem­bers whose Poke­mons were not in the gym ear­lier and not the ones whose mons just got kicked out. The goal is to give an equal chance at earn­ing coins to other team mem­bers who may have been shut out of the friendly gym by, say, all-pow­er­ful GPS spoofers.

That means that com­pared to the old method of lev­el­ling up gyms, this is a more ef­fec­tive means of de­fence as the at­tacker(s) may run out of steam and Poke­mons when faced with an un­end­ing list of Poke­mons to fight.

In short, the game is now closer to a more in­clu­sive ex­pe­ri­ence for all. Sure, there are flaws still – for in­stance, the in­cen­tive of coins earned only af­ter Poke­mons are kicked out may not be im­pe­tus/de­ter­rent enough for some who still in­sist on hoard­ing all the gyms in town – but Niantic has taken a step in the seem­ingly cor­rect di­rec­tion with these changes. Let’s hope that as it con­tin­ues to fine tune the game­play it gets more things right than wrong.

With that in mind, go out there and con­quer the gyms!

Niantic’s mas­sive over­haul of the gym game­play me­chan­ics is aimed at mak­ing it a more in­clu­sive ex­pe­ri­ence for play­ers. — Niantic

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