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SOME de­sign­ers have hys­ter­ics at the word “cur­tains” say­ing it should be “drapes” but what­ever your choice is in hang­ings, you can use them to make a big splash in your home.

Go bold

If the idea of paint­ing one or two walls bright orange or teal is off-putting be­cause it’s such a hor­ri­ble thing to get rid of if you don’t like it, con­sider that you can get a sim­i­lar ef­fect by hang­ing bold cur­tains.

Con­sider bright­en­ing up a pale beige room with bold Re­gency green and gold striped cur­tains or bring flow­ers into your room with a chintz pat­tern.

Ditch the rail

In­stall tab tops in­stead. Th­ese cur­tain rods have three ad­van­tages. Firstly, they’re very at­trac­tive. Se­condly, you can make cur­tains very eas­ily by mak­ing ob­long pan­els and tack­ing on tiebacks. Thirdly, tab tops can come with fancy ends that add piz­zazz to a room.

Go sin­gle

If you have small win­dows, con­sider hang­ing just one cur­tain and leav­ing the other side open. This can give the il­lu­sion of a larger win­dow, thereby in­creas­ing your per­cep­tion of the room size too. It also lets in more light which is nice if you’re not fac­ing the sun.

Mix rat­tan blinds and fab­ric cur­tains

Rat­tan blinds are cheap and cheer­ful and they can be pretty too, es­pe­cially if you sten­cil them. Sten­cils are eas­ily sourced in craft shops and by Googling “free sten­cil pat­terns”. Al­ter­na­tively, hang rat­tan blinds and dress up the sides with fab­ric cur­tains. Dark rat­tan with bold blues and pur­ples can make a nice focal point while pale bam­boo with green and white is re­fresh­ingly nat­u­ral.

For­get cur­tains and hang scarves

Scarves come in so many pretty pat­terns and are so af­ford­able that you can change them every week, de­pend­ing on your mood.

Also, thin ma­te­rial can cre­ate a lovely translu­cent light ef­fect. One draw­back though – don’t use light fab­ric in the bed­room or you may be awake all night from street lights.

Con­sider bright­en­ing up the room with gold cur­tains.

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