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IT can be dif­fi­cult for par­ents to en­sure their chil­dren con­sume suf­fi­cient daily nu­tri­ents to main­tain good health and strength. Chil­dren’s im­mune sys­tems are still de­vel­op­ing and can some­times weaken enough to al­low in­fec­tion.

Chewies Im­muno­li­cious is a sup­ple­ment for chil­dren that comes in the form of chewy gum­mies, which con­tain Well­mune.

Well­mune is a nat­u­ral yeast-based gluco polysac­cha­ride beta-glu­can de­rived from a highly pu­ri­fied pro­pri­etary yeast (sac­cha­romyces cere­visiae). It is also widely avail­able as a nat­u­ral food and bev­er­age in­gre­di­ent so par­ents can be as­sured of its safety.

Once in­gested, the im­mune sys­tem ab­sorbs and as­sim­i­lates the Well­mune. Then, cells called macrophages digest the Well­mune into smaller chem­i­cal frag­ments to be slowly re­leased over a num­ber of days. Once re­leased, the frag­ments will then be bound to neu­trophils, the most abun­dant im­mune cells in the body.

Well­mune helps im­prove the key im­mune func­tion of neu­trophils. It helps them process and as­sim­i­late more ef­fi­ciently through­out the body. A strong, well-per­form­ing im­mune sys­tem can help chil­dren fight off com­mon in­fec­tions and ill­nesses while en­sur­ing your child un­der­goes an ac­tive, healthy life­style.

Chewies Im­muno­li­cious is non-al­ler­genic and free of ge­net­i­cally-mod­i­fied or­gan­isms (GMO). It is also cer­ti­fied ha­lal by Depart­ment of Is­lamic Devel­op­ment Malaysia (Jakim) and thus suit­able to be con­sumed by Mus­lim fam­i­lies.

In ad­di­tion, these gum­mies come in a bot­tle sealed with a child-safe cap that pre­vents chil­dren from overindulging in this sup­ple­ment so par­ents can be as­sured of their sup­ple­ment in­take.

Chewies Im­muno­li­cious is avail­able in three flavours – Mega Mango, Su­per Straw­berry and Ul­tra Or­ange. Each gummy con­tains 50mg of Well­mune. This sup­ple­ment comes in bot­tles of 30 or 60 gum­mies.

The rec­om­mended in­take for op­ti­mal re­sults is two gum­mies daily for chil­dren aged two to 12 and four gum­mies daily for adults.

This ar­ti­cle is brought to you by AJ Re­search and Pharma Sdn Bhd.

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Chewies Im­muno­li­cious comes in three mouth­wa­ter­ing flavours, which are Mega Mango, Su­per Straw­berry and Ul­tra Or­ange.

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