When I was young

Re­call­ing care­free times of yore, a reader re­calls how fun life used to be in her youth.

The Star Malaysia - Star2 - - Heart & Soul - By ANU­RADHA CHELLIAH

When I was a young,

I cy­cled around my neigh­bour­hood, In my small BMX,

I went to the shop by the river, Called for the aunty,

Just to buy lol­lipops and “asam” It cost only 20 sen.

When I was young,

I en­joyed my bi­cy­cle rides, Then I fell off from my bi­cy­cle, My knees bled,

I just sat in a cor­ner and cried, Waited for mum to ap­ply medicine.

When I was young,

I walked to school,

I saw peo­ple wait­ing at the bus stop, I smiled, they smiled,

I saw many huge trees along the way, They pro­vided shade as I walked,

I had friends to talk to on my way to school, It was fun.

When I was young,

I walked with my sis­ters,

To the oil palm plan­ta­tion,

To col­lect palm seeds,

My grandma used them to make fire, And she boiled wa­ter out­side the house, Those were the days.

When I was young,

I played “konda-kondi”,

Hit the stick and run to catch it, Every­one will be cheer­ing, Wooooo ...

It was fun with friends and sib­lings.

When I was young

I hardly took an af­ter­noon nap,

I would sneak out,

Walk around my gar­den,

Talk to the plants,

Cut the love grass,

With­out know­ing that they “loved” me more, As they stayed on my shorts.

When I was young,

I climbed the guava tree,

It was a joy,

Plucked the fruit and en­joyed them, Tasty or not, the fruit was good,

It was my lit­tle mis­chief with cousins.

When I was young,

I went to the beach,

From dawn to dusk,

With cousins and sib­lings, Un­cles and aun­ties,

Ate on the beach and swam in the sea.

When I was young, Hol­i­days were great fun, Meet­ing with cousins was a must, Mo­nop­oly to the wee hours,

The park to play catch­ing,

And fi­nally, en­joyed din­ner to­gether.

When I was young,

Life was beau­ti­ful,

No wor­ries, no doubts, Neigh­bours were good, Every­one was help­ful,

And that was when I was young.

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