UNSW cel­e­brates its star grad­u­ates

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THE a017 3nGcer­sGtf oA Ned South Wales (3NSW) lumnG dards cel­e­brate the achGe­ce­ments oA 1h oA the unGcer­sGtf’s most ac­com­plGshed Drad­u­ates and Drad­uands, cho­sen Arom a pool oA close to aMh,hhh alum­nGT

(t das hosted bf chan­cel­lor DacGd Gon­sIG TCT and presG­dent and cGce-chan­cel­lor ProA (an )acobs on Maf 16T

“ChoosGnD th­ese dGn­ners Arom the ee­traordG­narf pool oA tal­ent spread across 1C6 coun­trGes and all Aacets oA hu­man en­dea­cour Gs not an easf tasIT We are proud oA the alumnG de hon­our here tonGDht, the re­marIable Gn­no­catGon thef demon­strate and the Gm­pact thef are hacGnD Gn us­tralGa and dorld­dGde,” saGd ProA )acobsT

3NSW Canberra Drad­u­ate and Aormer ADhanGs­tan ceteran )ohn Bale re­ceGced hGs YounD lumnG adard Aor co-AoundGnD SoldGer On, an orDanGsatGon that as­sGsts dounded ceter­ans re­turnGnD to cGcGlGan lGAeT

(t helps around Bhh re­turned ser­cGce men and domen a month AGnd em­plof­ment, un­derDo traGnGnD and ed­u­catGon as dell as phf­sG­cal re­habGlG­tatGonT CaGtlGn Barrett re­ceGced her YounD lumnG hon­our Aor her dorI as chGeA eee­cutGce oAAGcer and co-Aounder oA Loce Mercf us­tralGa, dhGch helps em­poder com­munGtGes Gn North­ern 3Danda to ocer­come pocertf caused bf darT

She helped launch the col­un­teer en­ter­prGse Gn ah1h dhGle studfGnD the Bach­e­lor oA (nter­natGonal StudGesT

(n the BusG­ness and (nno­catGon cateDorf, She­mara WGIra­manafaIe das adarded Aor her 3h fears oA lead­er­shGp dGth Mac­quarGe GroupT

Her roles Gn­clude head oA Mac­quarGe sset ManaDe­ment,

us­tralGa’s larDest Dlobal as­set man­aDer and chaGr oA the Mac­quarGe Group Foun­datGon, dhGch last fear dGstrGbuted close to

$3hmGl (RM1h1mGl) to more than 1,Bhh non-proAGt orDanGsatGons Dlob­allfT

(n the rts and Cul­ture cateDorf, rts Drad­u­ate HettG PerIGns das adarded Aor her tGre­less eAAorts to Gn­crease re­coDnGtGon and cGsGbGlGtf Aor (ndGDe­nous artsT

She Aounded the Char­lGe PerIGns Trust Aor ChGl­dren and Stu­dents and Gs trustee oA the MGchael RGlef Foun­datGonT

Graeme CluDs­ton’s dorI Gn com­bat­GnD lep­rosf Gn Nepal don hGm the MedGcGne and Health adardT

Ater Drad­u­atGnD Arom 3NSW as a medG­cal doc­tor, CluDs­ton HoGned the World Health OrDanG­gatGon and headed the Geneca-based Global NutrGtGon ProDramme to com­bat mal­nu­trGtGonT

(n ahh7, CluDs­ton and hGs dGAe Meena beDan dorI at one oA the dorld’s busGest lep­rosf hos­pG­tals, LalDadh Lep­rosf HospG­tal and Ser­cGces Cen­treT

Ater a serGes oA earth­quaIes Gn ah1B, thef spear­headed the hospG­tal’s emerDencf relGeA and re­con­struc­tGon eAAorts, delGcerGnD 3Ch tonnes oA Aood, blanIets, tarpaulGns and con­struc­tGon materGalsT

(n the SocGal (mpact and PublGc PolGcf area, GSM MB Drad­u­ate Elca Grob­ler das hon­oured Aor es­tablGshGnD Mf ChoGces Foun­datGon, dhGch AGDhts domestGc cGo­lence and seeual eeploG­tatGon oA domen and DGrls Gn (ndGaT

The Aoun­datGon’s Oper­atGon PeaceMaIer procGdes Aree coun­sel­lGnD, leDal aGd and ed­u­catGon on leDal rGDhts to domen dho are cGc­tGms oA domestGc cGo­lenceT

(t traGns domen as peace­maIers and seeIs to cre­ate sus­taGn­able, com­munGtf-orGented sup­port that Gs re­spec­tAul oA lo­cal cul­ture and relGDGonT

Kenneth Ma­her’s out­standGnD suc­cess as an archG­tect made hGm an obcGous recGpGent oA the DesGDn, EnDGneerGnD and Sus­taGn­abGlGtf adardT

He das adarded the ( Gold Medal – the us­tralGan (nstG­tute oA

rchG­tec­ture’s hGDh­est ac­co­lade – Gn ahhM and lGsted amonD the 1hh most GnAlu­en­tGal peo­ple bf the Syd­ney Morn­ing Her­aldT

(n the ScGence and Tech­noloDf cateDorf, Frances SeparocGc das adarded Aor her con­trGbutGon to chemGstrf and the pro­motGon oA domen Gn scGenceT

HacGnD earned her PhD Arom 3NSW, the sGnDle mother be­came the AGrst Ae­male proAes­sor oA chemGstrf at the 3nGcer­sGtf oA Mel­bourne Gn ah­hBT

(n ah1h, she be­came the AGrst do­man to head the School oA ChemGstrfT She das also re­coDnGsed bf the (nter­natGonal 3nGon oA Pure and pplGed ChemGstrf as a DGstGnDuGshed Woman Gn ChemGstrfT

The Sports and Sports dmGnGs­tratGon adard das be­stoded upon TurGa PGtt Aor her dorI as a motG­catGonal speaIer and am­bas­sador Aor plas­tGc surDerf charGtf (nter­plastT

The enDGneerGnD Drad­u­ate ocer­came burns oA 6BS on her bodf aAter beGnD cauDht Gn a bushAGre dhGle run­nGnD a marathon Gn West­ern us­tralGaT

She re­centlf re­turned to trGathlon run­nGnD de­spGte doc­tors hacGnD told her she dould necer dalI aDaGnT

FGAth-fear medG­cal stu­dent Berfl LGn das also re­coDnGsed Gn the adards’ onlf Drad­uand cateDorf, Stu­dent Vol­un­teerGnDT

LGn col­un­teered hun­dreds oA hours as a peer teacher, concened state lead­er­shGp conAer­ences and ran men­torGnD proDrammesT

s a MedGcGne Fac­ultf Board mem­ber, she Gs ac­tGce Gn Gm­procGnD teachGnD, learnGnD and as­sess­ment pro­cess­esT

3NSW Sfd­nef at­tracts ocer Ba,hhh hGDh-achGecGnD stu­dents, Gn­cludGnD 1C,hhh Gn­ter­natGonal stu­dents Arom more than 1Ch coun­trGesT

(ts dorld-class re­search Ao­cuses on ar­eas crGtG­cal to Gm­procGnD the dorld, Arom clG­mate chanDe and rened­able en­erDGes to lGAe-sacGnD medG­cal treat­ments and breaIthrouDh tech­noloDGesT

Come meet the 3NSW rep­re­sen­tatGce on uD 1a at 3G Stu­dent Ser­cGces SubanD )afa (8, )alan SS1B/8, SubanD )afa) Arom 11am to 3pmT

BrGnD alonD four re­sult/tran­scrGpt to sub­mGt four ap­plG­catGon and enHof ap­plG­catGon Aee daGcerT

UNSW Syd­ney at­tracts over 52,000 high-achiev­ing stu­dents, in­clud­ing 14,000 in­ter­na­tional stu­dents from more than 140 coun­tries.

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