Dawn of the doll

The Con­jur­ing break-out star Annabelle fi­nally gets a fright­fully de­serv­ing ori­gin story.

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Annabelle: Cre­ation

Di­rec­tor: David Sand­berg

Cast: Mi­randa Otto, Stephanie Sig­man, Talitha Bate­man, An­thony LaPaglia, Lulu Wil­son, Grace Ful­ton, Philippa Coulthard, Sa­mara Lee and Tay­lor Buck.

THE thought of los­ing a loved one is al­ways scary. When it hap­pens, we are often ex­pected to ac­cept the loss as a part of life and be­lieve in time as the heal­ing fac­tor.

In Annabelle: Cre­ation, mar­ried cou­ple Sa­muel and Es­ther Mullins (played by An­thony LaPaglia and Mi­randa Otto re­spec­tively) de­cide to wel­come six young or­phan girls into their home as a way to cope with the grief of los­ing their own child.

All should be well, right? Not in this movie. Af­ter the for­get­table Annabelle movie re­leased in 2014, some­how it was de­cided that the haunted porce­lain doll and break­out star from James Wan’s The Con­jur­ing film se­ries, de­served an­other ori­gin story.

If you don’t re­mem­ber any­thing about her, Annabelle likes to lurk in the dark and can scar­ily harm un­sus­pect­ing vic­tims with­out lift­ing a fin­ger. She’s classy that way.

This time, Annabelle ramps up her jerk fac­tor by ter­ror­is­ing the liv­ing day­lights out of or­phans, par­tic­u­larly po­lio-stricken Jan­ice (Talitha Bate­man).

It be­gins with a note writ­ten in red crayon that says “Find me” and then all hell breaks loose.

Annabelle makes her pres­ence felt with sud­den ap­pear­ances ev­ery­where, from un­der a bed to the din­ner table. She makes slow creep­ing foot­step sounds. The worst is when she takes on the form of an­other child to ask for help.

The sense of dread is def­i­nitely over­whelm­ing in this new Annabelle movie. Though she ap­pears to be only mov­ing in the back­ground or un­der­neath a blan­ket, it’s enough to send shiv­ers down your spine.

Di­rec­tor David Sand­berg of Lights Out fame makes good use of the dark empty spa­ces in the movie for all kinds of un­sus­pect­ing en­ti­ties to pop.

The best part is, there are more creepy sur­prises in store as Annabelle has friends in dif­fer­ent shapes and forms to play along with her. Moral of the story: don’t trust any item in this movie.

Sure, some things may be baf­fling about Annabelle: Cre­ation. The or­phans seem to ig­nore one too many warn­ing signs about the house they live in.

Just like char­ac­ters in other The Con­jur­ing movies, ev­ery­body is OK to sleep alone af­ter a night of ter­ror and with­out any form of divine pro­tec­tion. Talk about op­ti­mism.

I also feel that the movie didn’t ac­tu­ally need to show an ac­tual de­mon-look­ing be­ing to scare its view­ers be­cause it just takes away the mys­tery. Nothing is scarier than the un­seen.

Still, it’s worth go­ing along on this roller­coaster ride of a hor­ror movie just to see Jan­ice’s best friend Linda (played by a very gutsy Lulu Wil­son, who was pre­vi­ously the creepy kid in Ouija: Ori­gin Of Evil) take mat­ters into her own hands.

If you re­ally hate Annabelle, then you’d want to cheer for Linda to get rid of that creepy doll once and for all. Will she suc­ceed? Be a doll and catch the show.

I also like how, dur­ing an un­set­tling mo­ment when Linda is stuck in a closet with Annabelle star­ing at her, she deals with it just by turn­ing the doll’s head in an­other di­rec­tion. That’s my girl.

You’ll also learn that there is some­thing scarier than los­ing a loved one, such as hav­ing a malev­o­lent spirit ma­nip­u­late your cherished mem­o­ries of a loved one for its own gain.

Now that’s some­thing that’ll keep you awake at night.

— Warner

Annabelle hates it when Jan­ice takes her time to choose the night’s bed­time story.

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