Just stick with the book

There’s not much cheer in this re­hash of Dr Seuss’ Christ­mas clas­sic.

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The Grinch

Directors: Yar­row Cheney and Scott Mosier.

Voice cast: Bene­dict Cum­ber­batch, Rashida Jones, Ke­nan Thomp­son, Cameron Seely, An­gela Lans­bury, Phar­rell Wil­liams.

WAS the stu­dio in such a cre­ative pinch, That they had to make an­other film based on The Grinch?

Sure, it’s a Chrit­mas story that’s as clas­sic as can be, But wasn’t there an­other Yule­tide story?

Dr Seuss’s clas­sic book has had one adap­ta­tion too many,

And we’re still try­ing to for­get the one with Jim Car­rey.

This has Bene­dict Cum­ber­batch as the star of the show,

But even his star power gets stuck in the snow.

You’ve read the book, you know the drill, So no need to ex­plain the plot, I feel, Well, there’s the Grinch, alone and an­gry, Who hates Christ­mas and all things cheery.

Be­low him is Whoville, a town of hap­pi­ness, Where they ab­so­lutely love to cel­e­brate Christ­mas.

One day, the Grinch said: “Enough is enough!” “I’m go­ing to steal all of their Christ­mas-y stuff!”

And that’s the whole story, sweet and short, It’s re­ally that sim­ple, be­lieve it or not.

It’s good that they stayed some­what true to the book, But I wish they did more than just make it look good.

Be­cause there re­ally wasn’t much story to tell, And it was hard to get into what they were try­ing to sell There’s a lot of preach­ing about the Christ­mas spirit, But the plot only scratches the sur­face of all of it.

It just takes you hostage on the Christ­mas train, And ham­mers it in you again and again. And again and again and again and again, Till the magic of Christ­mas is in­grained in your brain.

It keeps telling you that Christ­mas is great, But it’s all so vague, to why this date the Grinch hates, Most of it is about him work­ing fast and hard, And some lit­tle girl who then melts his heart.

And when it came to that cli­matic fin­ish, There it was, poof, with nary a flour­ish. No punch, piz­zazz, ya­hoo and how, Like some­one just said: “Let’s end this now.

It’s great that Cum­ber­batch got the whole show to steal, But the other voices were not that big of a deal. They all sounded like how you’ve heard them be­fore, In the last three an­i­mated films, or maybe four.

It’s also strange how bland they made the movie, Ba­si­cally strip­ping it of any form of per­son­al­ity. It’s like they made it as in­of­fen­sive as they could, But never stopped to won­der if they re­ally should.

Should you watch The Grinch? Maybe you can, If you had kids who are aged four to 10. Other­wise, you’re bet­ter off read­ing the book. No, re­ally, go give it an­other look.

— UIP Malaysia

Note to self: Never, ever give Santa Claus cook­ies to a Grinch.

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