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A LIT­TLE rouge ap­plied to cheeks makes skin look fresh and young again. At least that's the the­ory.

But like so many things in life there are a few things to watch out for when us­ing blusher.

"If I ap­ply rouge in a V-shape from the tem­ples to­wards the corners of the mouth I will high­light the eyes," says cos­metic artist Boris En­trup. "I can achieve a very fresh look if I ap­ply the rouge to the high­est point on the cheeks."

A rule of thumb is ap­ply rouge to match the shape of the face. "Start by look­ing at the cheek bones.

"For a long face ap­ply the rouge ver­ti­cally right be­neath the cheek bone," says Bar­bara Fehren­bach from Ger­many's as­so­ci­a­tion of beau­ti­cians. By ap­ply­ing rouge to the chin and fore­head the face will ap­pear to be shorter than it is.

Makeup artist Ri­carda Zill rec­om­mends us­ing slightly darker rouge to cheek­bones on a tri­an­gu­lar shaped face.

A round face will ap­pear smaller when rouge is ap­plied di­ag­o­nally from the cheek­bone al­most to the cor­ner of the mouth. "An oval face is con­sid­ered to be an ideal shape. I can ap­ply as much rouge as I think is right," says Zill.

The shade of rouge de­pends on skin colour. "The lighter the skin tone, the softer the tone of rouge should be. Dark skin tones can take bright shades," says En­trup.

Light pink or apri­cot shades suit pale skin tones, while tanned skin with a yel­low un­der­tone can take gold or bronze shades of rouge. "Very strong or dark red tones can look very classy on this type of skin," says Fehren­bach.

Rouge is avail­able in a va­ri­ety of forms such as a fluid, a cream, mousse or as pow­der. Choos­ing which rouge to use de­pends on makeup skills and skin type.

"A cream rouge is the right choice for very dry skin. Pow­dered rouge suits a mixed skin type, or very oily, skin type," says Fehren­bach.

Cream rouge is very prac­ti­cal and can eas­ily be ap­plied to skin with fin­gers. "It also has a silky texture and is a favourite choice when try­ing to achieve a shim­mer­ing ef­fect," says En­trup. Mousse rouge is even eas­ier to use.

"Thanks to its very soft and gen­tle texture it blends in com­pletely with the skin."

The ad­van­tage to us­ing pow­der rouge is that it's easy to ap­ply. The quan­tity can be pre­cisely de­ter­mined and it also lasts a long time on the skin.

Fluid rouge on the other hand takes some get­ting used to. "It needs to be ap­plied spar­ingly, but quickly, to the cheeks be­cause it dries up fast," says En­trup. – dpa

A round face will ap­pear smaller when rouge is ap­plied di­ag­o­nally from the cheek­bone al­most to the cor­ner of the mouth.

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