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him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life­time”, Sar­guna said that Sim­ply Cook­ies does not be­lieve in giv­ing hand­outs to these needy sin­gle moth­ers.

“If we give them hand­outs, they will be­come de­pen­dent. So, rather than do­ing that, we are giv­ing them the skill set to bake, and knowl­edge and con­fi­dence to be bet­ter,” he said. “I want them to live a good life – if I am liv­ing a good life, I want them

to have the same also,” he added. The “healthy yet tasty” cook­ies are made at Se­ti­awalk where they are mass pro­duced. “We tried to come up with the recipe which tastes good. There are very healthy cook­ies which do not taste pleas­ant, as well as very sweet cook­ies which could be harm­ful to your health – sac­ri­fic­ing one as­pect for an­other. “We de­cided to walk the fine line, to be neu­tral by com­ing up with sweet yet healthy cook­ies – an ‘ap­proved’ sin,” he laughed. In the past, the cook­ies had the su­gar con­tent of about 16.8g per cookie, but now has only 0.2g per cookie. Sar­guna shared how the com­pany has evolved from sell­ing var­i­ous cook­ies to its cur­rent se­lec­tion of five flavours. “When we started, we have a lot of dif­fer­ent (cookie) flavours. But we had a man­age­ment meet­ing to come out with a dif­fer­ent mar­ket­ing ap­proach in sell­ing these cook­ies.

“One of the busi­ness part­ners sug­gested sell­ing ‘durian cook­ies’. We tried it dur­ing Chi­nese New Year this year, and it was re­ally good,” he said.

theSun tasted the cook­ies, and found that not only were the durian cook­ies soft, sweet and fra­grant, but the white choco­late in which it was par­tially dipped in, com­ple­mented the over­all taste. The cempedak flavour was an al­ter­na­tive for those do not en­joy durian, while the ly­chee is for those with a sweet tooth. “The dou­ble choco­late and peanut but­ter were flavours we re­tained. Al­though sweet, the su­gar con­tent is lower com­pared to other cook­ies in the mar­ket,” he said. The cook­ies are sold at RM12.90 per packet at sev­eral re­tail out­lets in­clud­ing Jaya Gro­cer, Ben’s In­de­pen­dent Gro­cer and Sam’s Gro­ce­ria. Also avail­able are Choco­late Lava-cake and Durian Lava-cake.

Sar­guna said the cook­ies have low su­gar con­tent as com­pared to many other bis­cuits com­mer­cially sold.

Nor­shada and other sin­gle moth­ers mak­ing cook­ies.

Sim­ply Cook­ies sells home­made cook­ies in five flavours - durian, chempedak, ly­chee, dou­ble choco­late and peanut but­ter.

Nor­shada said the train­ing she re­ceived had de­vel­oped her con­fi­dence and peo­ple-skills in the com­pany.

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