Man­ag­ing eczema safely with Atopi­clair

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ECZEMA is a med­i­cal con­di­tion in which patches of a per­son’s skin be­comes rough and in­flamed, with blis­ters that cause itch­ing and bleed­ing due to an ex­ter­nal ir­ri­ta­tion with no ob­vi­ous ex­ter­nal cause.

This skin con­di­tion is trig­gered by day-to-day al­ler­gens, and both chil­dren and adults with nor­mal or dry skin can suf­fer from it.

Common trig­gers for eczema are sud­den changes in cli­mate; heat and per­spi­ra­tion; strong soaps and laun­dry de­ter­gents; pets, carets and stuffed toys.

Even rough fab­rics such as ny­lon, wool and acrylic; cer­tain fra­grances that are used in lo­tions, tal­cum pow­der, per­fumes and air re­fresh­ers; smoke from tobacco or camp­fire; fever due to in­fec­tion; as well as dust can cause an out­break.

It can also be a hered­i­tary con­di­tion that runs in the fam­ily.

Visit a doc­tor if you see signs of eczema oc­cur­ring and get a clear med­i­cal di­ag­no­sis first.

In or­der to help over­come this ir­ri­tat­ing and, some­times, painful skin con­di­tion, mois­tur­is­ing is very im­por­tant.

But us­ing the right mois­turiser is vi­tal. There are many out there in the mar­ket but some ac­tu­ally make this con­di­tion worse due to the ac­tive in­gre­di­ents in them.

Atopi­clair is a spe­cialised cream ded­i­cated to tak­ing care of eczema, even for ba­bies.

The prod­uct con­tains no paraben, no steroids, no fra­grance, no ar­ti­fi­cial colourants and no harsh chem­i­cals, thus, no wor­ries about us­ing it.

Be­cause it is gen­tle on the skin, Atopi­clair will help mois­turise it and help you over­come eczema with con­tin­u­ous us­age.

Choos­ing the right mois­turiser will save cost in the long run but also give par­ents peace of mind when it comes to their chil­dren.

A child who is not con­cen­trat­ing on his or her itchy skin will be more con­fi­dent and be bet­ter fo­cused in school and play.

For more, visit www. atopi­claira­ or call 037985 7000.

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