US elec­tions shock­waves hit Europe

The Sun (Malaysia) - - SPEAK UP - BY ERIC S. MAR­GO­LIS

DON­ALD TRUMP’S star­tling and ex­plo­sive vic­tory has not only shaken Amer­ica’s oli­garchy to its core, it’s also send­ing shock waves across Europe and scar­ing the top hats off plu­to­crats and their tame politi­cians.

Mark Twain wrote: “If you don’t read news­pa­pers you are un­in­formed. But if you do read them, you are mis­in­formed”. Amen.

As with the 2003 war against Iraq, the US me­dia dropped its mask of phony im­par­tial­ity and be­came a cheer­leader for the Clin­tons and their fi­nan­cial back­ers.

Me­dia was re­vealed as a pro­pa­ganda or­gan for the rul­ing elite. No won­der its dis­gusted clients are de­camp­ing to on­line sources or just ig­nor­ing the bi­ased me­dia.

Amaz­ingly, work­ing class men and women rose up and over­threw the oli­garchy, led by the cor­po­rate me­dia and the self­en­rich­ing, war-pro­mot­ing Clin­ton dy­nasty and its Davos friends. There was plenty of an­guish among left­ist groups and weepy young women, but Amer­ica breathed a gi­gan­tic sigh of re­lief.

So did the stock mar­ket. So did or­di­nary white Amer­i­cans roy­ally fed up with the elite’s pro­mo­tion of “di­ver­sity”, which they be­lieve is a eu­phemism for mix­ing races, push­ing junk pop­u­lar cul­ture, and ad­vo­cat­ing ho­mo­sex­u­al­ity, les­bian­ism, and bi­sex­u­al­ity.

Across the At­lantic, po­lit­i­cal nerves were just as tense. Three ma­jor votes will be held in France, Ger­many and Italy, Europe’s core. The old or­der is scared to death by Trump’s crash­ing vic­tory.

France holds a pres­i­den­tial pri­mary in a month in which Pres­i­dent François Hol­lande, is ex­pected to be thrashed. Hol­lande’s pub­lic sup­port now is strug­gling to reach 4%.

For­mer pre­mier Ni­cholas Sarkozy has risen from the po­lit­i­cal dead and is preach­ing a far­rago of pop­ulism, na­tion­al­ism and Is­lam­o­pho­bia. Many French don’t trust or like Sarko. He may face charges for ac­cept­ing il­le­gal cam­paign money from Muam­mar Gaddafi, in whose mur­der Sarko may be deeply im­pli­cated. Dead Libyans tell no tales.

Sarko’s ri­vals are for­mer for­eign min­is­ter Alain Juppé, a mod­er­ate con­ser­va­tive and ally of the ail­ing for­mer pres­i­dent Jac­ques Chirac, who re­mains France’s most liked politi­cian. Juppé, dig­ni­fied, sen­si­ble, and mod­er­ate, is just what France needs af­ter the dis­as­trous so­cial­ist pres­i­dent Hol­lande.

But adding a wild card to the pri­mary is the youth­ful exbanker and rightwing so­cial­ist Em­manuel Macron, a for­mer econ­omy min­is­ter. He used to work for the French Roth­schilds, arous­ing sus­pi­cions on the left and far right. Macron is ex­pected to an­nounce his can­di­dacy soon.

Add in for­mer prime min­is­ter François Fil­lon, a solid mod­er­ate with a rep­u­ta­tion for strong ethics who may be able to stand up to France’s thug­gish unions. Fil­lon, Juppé and Macron are all con­sid­ered left­wing con­ser­va­tives who can re­store France’s stag­ger­ing econ­omy and fight the bu­reau­cracy, teach­ers and the unions who can shut down key sec­tors of France’s econ­omy.

Lurk­ing in the back­ground is the neme­sis of France’s po­lit­i­cal sys­tem, Madame Marine LePen, leader of the hard right Na­tional Front. Anti-EU, antiglob­al­i­sa­tion, and anti-Mus­lim. Le Pen, like her aged fa­ther Jean-Marie, is very pop­u­lar and can ar­tic­u­late, like Trump, the anger and dis­may of work­ing whites.

She may knock the hap­less Hol­lande out in the first round of vot­ing in 2017. But Le Pen would then have to go on to de­feat the mod­er­ates – Sarkozy, Fil­lon, Macron or Juppé. This will be tough be­cause, as in pre­vi­ous elec­tions, left­ist and cen­trist vot­ers will gang up to de­feat her.

Such is con­ven­tional logic. But af­ter Trump noth­ing is cer­tain. Good! Our stag­nant western economies and cor­rupt po­lit­i­cal sys­tems badly need shak­ing up and re­fresh­ing. I say, “vive Mon­sieur Trump.”

On Dec 4, Italy holds an im­por­tant ref­er­en­dum to mod­ernise its rick­ety po­lit­i­cal struc­ture. If vot­ers re­ject it, Italy’s young, re­formist pre­mier, Mat­teo Renzi, has vowed to re­sign. This would likely plunge Italy into po­lit­i­cal con­fu­sion and en­cour­age a loom­ing bank­ing cri­sis.

Fi­nally, in Ger­many, An­gela Merkel’s coali­tion gov­ern­ment looks frag­ile. Many Ger­mans are tired of the ul­tra-mod­er­ate Merkel and her cau­tious gov­ern­ment which is of­ten ac­cused of be­ing an Amer­i­can vas­sal. If Ger­many ever wak­ens from its post-1945 stu­por, all Europe will shake.

So en­ter Don­ald Trump just at a time when Europe may be com­ing to a boil.

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