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> Catch the Ul­tra­men do bat­tle with the Dark He­roes in Gent­ing


THE EPIC bat­tle be­tween the forces of good and evil re­turns to our shores with Ul­tra­man Live in Gent­ing 2016 – Re­venge of Bal­tan. For the sec­ond time, the iconic Ja­panese su­per­heroes ar­rive to save Malaysia as the coun­try comes un­der at­tack by a force that ri­vals the Ul­tra­men them­selves.

It was in­deed a sight to be­hold as some of the most beloved char­ac­ters from the Ul­tra­man TV se­ries’ 50-year run ap­peared on stage at the Gent­ing In­ter­na­tional Show­room dur­ing a re­cent me­dia pre­view.

A nar­ra­tor ex­plained that a ‘great evil’ had arisen and was threat­en­ing to en­slave the coun­try.

Af­ter this omi­nous warn­ing, the mighty Ul­tra­men ap­peared on­stage – the one and only Ul­tra­man, the mighty Ul­tra Seven, his son Ul­tra­man Zero, the an­cient Ul­tra­man Tiga, and new he­roes Ul­tra­man Ginga S, Ul­tra­man Vic­tory, and Ul­tra­man X – to the cheers from the crowd.

Even be­fore the spot­lights shone on them, their eyes and ch­est-based colour timers glowed brightly in the shad­ows.

Their foes for the night were the Dark He­roes, a team of evil al­ter­nate ver­sions of the Ul­tra­men, com­pris­ing Chaos Ul­tra­man Calamity, Ul­tra­man Geist, Dark­lops Zero, Zero Dark­ness, Dark Zagi, and Evil Tiga.

Punches, kicks, and throws were de­liv­ered from both sides. The bat­tle spilled over from the stage into the stands, de­light­ing the crowd, as the ac­tion came so close that one could al­most touch the fear­some op­po­nents locked in mor­tal com­bat.

Even­tu­ally, the Ul­tra­men re­alised that they could not de­feat the Dark He­roes alone. They an­nounced that they would en­list the help of the au­di­ence.

They then pro­duced two gi­ant Ul­tra Bal­loons and threw them to the crowd, be­gin­ning a fun-filled train­ing ses­sion be­tween the au­di­ence and Ul­tra­men X, Ginga, Vic­tory, and Tiga.

There was much laugh­ter as peo­ple bounced the Ul­tra Bal­loons around the hall as fast as they could.

This was not the only in­ter­ac­tion be­tween the stars and the au­di­ence, as later Ul­tra­man him­self, wear­ing the Ul­tra Man­tle, ap­peared along­side X.

This time, a dozen more gi­ant bal­loons were bounced around the hall while the two Ul­tra­men walked among the crowd, greet­ing ev­ery­one there.

For die-hard fans, it was cer­tainly a dream come true to be able to shake hands with the he­roes of their child­hood.

Ul­tra­man X also taught the au­di­ence how to use the Specium Ray, the iconic Ul­tra­man fin­ish­ing move, thus com­plet­ing all the skills needed to help the Ul­tra­men de­feat the Dark He­roes dur­ing the show’s cli­mac­tic fi­nale.

To help pre­pare for the fight, Zero went on a search for his for­mer trainer, Ul­tra­man Leo. Also mak­ing an ap­pear­ance to aid the he­roes were Fa­ther of Ul­tra, the com­man­der of the Space Gar­ri­son where the Ul­tras mon­i­tor the uni­verse, and his wife, Mother of Ul­tra.

In the mean­time, Seven had dis­cov­ered the mas­ter­mind be­hind the Dark He­roes.

As the fight reached its ul­ti­mate con­clu­sion, the au­di­ence was fi­nally able to lend a hand, call­ing out the name of their favourite Ul­tra­man, and cross­ing their hands at the wrist to fire their Specium Ray.

The show was bril­liantly sim­ple, yet full of sur­prises. Us­ing just pro­jec­tors and a screen, some py­rotech­nics and a few high-fly­ing stunts, the fine folk be­hind Ul­tra­man Live were able to trans­late a fan­tas­tic TV show into a stage event.

It was an ac­tion-packed and mas­ter­fully chore­ographed spec­ta­cle, com­plete with fin­ish­ing moves and ex­plod­ing vil­lains.

Par­ents were able to rem­i­nisce about their favourite child­hood he­roes, while chil­dren cheered for the new gen­er­a­tion of Ul­tra­men.

The show it­self has two parts. Part one is cur­rently show­ing from now to Dec 6, while the sec­ond part, which will see the re­turn of an Ul­tra­man arch vil­lain, will be staged from Dec 7 to Jan 2.

Shows will be held twice daily at 4pm and 8pm. For more, visit the Re­sort World Gent­ing web­site.

The Ul­tra­man Live in Gent­ing – Re­venge of Bal­tan not only of­fers fans close-up en­coun­ters with their he­roes (top, far left) but also ex­cit­ing fight scenes (above, and left) as well as au­di­ence par­tic­i­pa­tion (be­low).

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