All That She Can See

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Au­thor: Car­rie Hope Fletcher Pub­lisher: Sphere ISBN: 9780751563184

WOULDN’T it be great if we can see the true emo­tions of oth­ers? To be able to help those feel­ing bad?

It might seem to be a tal­ent to most peo­ple, but such a tal­ent could be more of a curse. Just ask Cherry.

She can see what other peo­ple can’t. She sees what fol­lows all of us – shad­ows stand­ing close by, fright­en­ing gob­lins or mon­sters with fe­ro­cious faces and jab­ber­ing jaws.

They have many names: Lone­li­ness, Anx­i­ety, De­pres­sion, Dis­ap­point­ment, Re­gret, Use­less­ness, Hope­less­ness, and many more.

Her par­ents thought they were her imag­i­nary friends. Other chil­dren thought she was weird, so Cherry has al­ways only had one friend – Lone­li­ness.

As an adult, she fi­nally de­cides to use her gift to help oth­ers. Through the bak­ery she in­her­ited from her adopted fa­ther, Cherry starts bak­ing, adding some­thing spe­cial into her cakes so that af­ter just one mouth­ful, peo­ple start to feel bet­ter.

Peo­ple are drawn to Cherry’s bak­ery and feel safe there, and she is happy to help. Then, along comes grumpy Chase, deter­mined to undo all the good she has done.

Ap­par­ently he has the same gift as Cherry, only he sees all the good emo­tions in peo­ple and in com­par­i­son, be­comes bit­ter and un­happy about his own life.

From their an­i­mos­ity, the two at­tract the at­ten­tion of an or­gan­i­sa­tion called the Guild of Feel­ers, and learn that they are not alone.

The book starts off in­ter­est­ingly enough and it was quite a fun read, but the story be­comes quite hard to swal­low with the in­tro­duc­tion of the Guild, and goes rather over­board af­ter that.

It’s a shame re­ally, be­cause I en­joyed the first half of the book. – K.K. Wong

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