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The im­pres­sion this coun­try gets is that there is an in­ner group around the Prime Min­is­ter which can do no wrong.

The im­pres­sion this coun­try gets is that there is a small group around the Prime Min­is­ter which gets to get any ap­point­ment go­ing.

The im­pres­sion this coun­try gets is that there is a small group around the Prime Min­is­ter who has some sort of as­sur­ance that what­ever mis­take they make, they will be de­fended till dooms­day. We will not go into the com­par­isons game: we will not com­pare this lot with the one that pre­ceded it. That one got the deserts it de­served. This one got elected through promis­ing it would do noth­ing of the sort and that it was ready to work with one and all, re­gard­less of their po­lit­i­cal con­vic­tions.

Let us give this govern­ment the ben­e­fit of doubt, that it re­ally be­lieved what it was say­ing be­fore the elec­tions and that it had no in­ten­tion of trick­ing the elec­torate (Not all would be this mag­nan­i­mous).

It is a fact that there have been good,

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re­li­able, hon­est peo­ple who were eased out so that their places could be taken by peo­ple more in tune with the win­ning party. It would seem that the min­is­ters them­selves were quite inun­dated with re­quests from peo­ple ea­ger to get em­ploy­ment with the govern­ment in the min­istries and that they were too weak to carry out any sort of fil­ter to rule out the ones who could get the govern­ment in trou­ble. In fact, they did not fil­ter and as a re­sult the govern­ment was lumped with many un­de­sir­ables. Then over and above these run-of-themill peo­ple, there is a su­per circle of peo­ple who are near OPM, not the min­istries as such, and these are the su­per-ap­pointees – those with a higher, over-arch­ing plac­ing and who alone share in the grand vi­sion of their leader for them­selves, if not for the coun­try as a whole. This is just an im­pres­sion, re­mem­ber. These peo­ple can do noth­ing wrong, and, if they hap­pen to have done any wrong, it will be de­nied till hell freezes over. The peo­ple in the higher reaches of Castille have no idea how much this im­pres­sion is preva­lent and how much dam­age it is do­ing to the party and the govern­ment.

Again, we are tak­ing about im­pres­sions here, but the im­pres­sion a dis­pas­sion­ate ob­server gets is that there was no real plan­ning done ex­cept the very generic roadmap – that could be writ­ten on the back of an en­ve­lope – how to cut the elec­tric­ity rates and thus gen­er­ate some growth and all would live hap­pily ever af­ter.

If one is forced to com­pare, there is just no com­par­i­son be­tween to­day’s OPM co­terie and the tight ship run in Ed­die’s and Gonzi’s time. Those peo­ple had their faults, but one would never imag­ine them ven­tur­ing into pri­vate busi­nesses un­der the cover of govern­ment busi­ness. And if there hap­pened to be a bad ap­ple among them in all those 25 years, they would not have lasted an hour af­ter their ill-deed got found out. There, this is the dis­tance be­tween then and now.

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