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If needed, a loan can be ob­tained today. This is also a time to shed il­lu­sions–fast. New in­for­ma­tion can change your out­look and your life. You may be ex­pe­ri­enc­ing a bit of a crunch as your ca­reer di­rec­tion squares off against your more per­sonal in­ter­ests. This may be a real test for you. There are op­por­tu­ni­ties for suc­cess; watch. You may find your­self more than a lit­tle ac­quis­i­tive and your cur­rent ap­pre­ci­a­tion for just about ev­ery­thing may lead you to over­spend; care­ful. Stay­ing in the role of ob­server can be much more ef­fec­tive when deal­ing with fam­ily con­flicts just now. You may be right in think­ing oth­ers are not ready for your in­put just yet. Create the op­por­tu­nity for ev­ery­one around your liv­ing quar­ters to en­joy the evenings.


Any form of pro­fes­sional ad­vice can be suc­cess­fully ob­tained today and to­mor­row. Your tim­ing should be per­fect and those around you should find you most spon­ta­neous. Learn­ing about peo­ple and un­der­stand­ing the dif­fi­cult per­son­al­ity are ac­com­plish­ments you en­joy. You are de­ter­mined to com­plete any re­quired tasks and to help oth­ers with any un­fin­ished work. You feel a love of or­der and you ap­pre­ci­ate re­spon­si­bil­i­ties and duty. The op­por­tu­nity to in­ter­act with other peo­ple while you work is some­thing that you also en­joy, al­though many peo­ple may not have your same en­thu­si­asm. You seem to draw out the best in ev­ery­one. Much is ac­com­plished today. Con­sider join­ing a spa or ex­er­cise group or per­haps be­gin one for an af­ter-work group.


Tak­ing care of busi­ness is a ma­jor theme where your goals are con­cerned. You avoid the trap of new-is-al­ways-bet­ter and you set out to com­plete trans­ac­tions in the most ac­cu­rate and fast way pos­si­ble. You may feel more con­fi­dent than ever; co-work­ers watch and learn and higher-ups are proud to have you on the team. This evening, you may want to take a look at some new and ex­cit­ing recipes that will help you on that diet you have ei­ther just started or will be start­ing soon. Meet­ing the chal­lenge of im­prov­ing your over­all fit­ness can be more en­joy­able if you have a goal. Check out the pos­si­bil­i­ties of pur­chas­ing fun and healthy tid­bits for a so­cial event. Con­sider mak­ing your own good­ies; add your name and recipe to the good­ies you share.


You could have dif­fi­culty get­ting your ideas across to oth­ers today. You may want to take the back­seat and watch the de­vel­op­ing out­come. You may have doubts about those who talk too much and seem long on ideas. Co­op­er­a­tive ven­tures are more ad­vis­able to­ward the end of this month. There could be things you would not en­joy putting up with if you push sit­u­a­tions too fast for now. Work­ing con­di­tions im­prove con­sid­er­ably. Travel, pub­lish­ing, teach­ing and ed­u­ca­tion are strong in­ter­ests and of­fer ex­cel­lent op­por­tu­ni­ties for growth in many ar­eas of your life. Ro­mance is on your mind this af­ter­noon. If you have been afraid to make the first move in be­com­ing ac­quainted with some­one new, now is the time to make your move.


Rad­i­cal and in­ven­tive ideas hold the key to real­iz­ing your am­bi­tions and ad­vanc­ing your sta­tus–a shakeup is in the works. Per­haps this is a time to think and study–you have a real ap­pre­ci­a­tion for cre­ative think­ing. You may find your­self en­joy­ing a long con­ver­sa­tion, writ­ing a let­ter or mak­ing a spe­cial phone call. Your ex­pec­ta­tions are high. It is tempt­ing to over ob­li­gate your time or en­ergy–keep a bal­ance in all your af­fairs. Your pri­mary in­flu­ence at this time in­volves the need to clar­ify your pri­or­i­ties. You may find that your friends have a great need for your time and ef­forts this af­ter­noon. Some­one is mov­ing and may ap­pre­ci­ate your will­ing hands or wheels. All of this should go rather smoothly. Some­one is in need of your praise this evening.


You are a good worker, al­ways think­ing and car­ing for things. You are nat­u­rally ser­vice­ori­ented and en­joy tak­ing care of the needs of oth­ers. You are very dis­crim­i­nat­ing and can sort out the good ap­ples from the bad. A ca­reer in one of the ser­vice or health oc­cu­pa­tions is pos­si­ble–you may find your­self au­to­mat­i­cally tak­ing care of the needs of oth­ers. Your oc­cu­pa­tion may in­volve health, food and all at­tempts to res­tore, sal­vage and make the best out of things. You never for­sake your ideals when it comes to re­la­tion­ships of any kind. Your imag­i­na­tion is at its best when you are be­ing so­cial or re­lat­ing to oth­ers. You have a real vi­sion of what is in­volved in the mak­ing of a good mar­riage. This evening is a great time to have a quiet din­ner with a loved one.


This is a high-cy­cle day with lots of de­sire to com­pete with your­self and oth­ers. You may try and beat an in­vis­i­ble record of some sort. Learn­ing to man­age change–much of it aris­ing from so­cial or tech­no­log­i­cal de­vel­op­ments–is vi­tally im­por­tant now. Don’t be caught sleep­ing at the switch, think­ing that things will re­main the same. If you pre­pare your­self at this time, to go with the changes, you will find a bal­ance is de­vel­op­ing right be­fore your eyes. Now is a time to gather and ex­change in­for­ma­tion that pre­pares you to stay on top of things. Oth­ers value you for your abil­ity to make prac­ti­cal decisions con­cern­ing group is­sues. You have a nat­u­ral sense of what the pub­lic wants at this time. Clear decisions af­fect­ing oth­ers could be made.


You may de­cide that it is time to take your work more se­ri­ously than usual. A lot of en­ergy goes into get­ting things sched­uled and or­ga­nized. You are fa­vored today. You should see an over­all im­prove­ment in your fi­nances be­cause of all the ex­tra work with which you have be­come in­volved. Con­sider ask­ing for a raise. Good luck and pos­i­tive ac­tions are in the fore­cast. Fate sends op­por­tu­nity your way. New in­for­ma­tion can change your out­look, but you must be on the look­out for it. A clo­sure can be placed on a per­sonal mat­ter today. Your ef­forts in let­ting go of this mat­ter will be ben­e­fi­cial. Change is the eas­i­est thing to do. Let it flow and let it go. This is one of your best over­all days. Love is in the air this evening–any­thing is pos­si­ble!


Mix-ups may oc­cur over ap­point­ments today. Triv­ial mat­ters have a way of es­ca­lat­ing be­fore you know it–look at what is un­der­neath it all. So much can be tran­spir­ing on so many lev­els at this time. You may find your­self in the role of peace­maker al­though you could be in the mid­dle of solv­ing your own tur­moil. The role of peace­maker will help you as well as the cus­tomer. Cus­tomers want your help be­cause you have a way of know­ing what is needed. Be­fore go­ing home this evening, pick up some laven­der or laven­der-scented pot­pourri at a florist or plant store. The aroma from this plant has a re­lax­ing ad­van­tage. A friend that you have lost con­tact with may come back into your life this evening. You feel like vis­it­ing; maybe a phone call is in or­der.


You reap the re­wards of your hard work this week–even though it may only be the good feel­ing that comes when you know you have done your best. This is a grat­i­fy­ing day. Handeye co­or­di­na­tion is im­por­tant–play those com­puter games or video games and do not feel so guilty. Bal­ance is im­por­tant, of course, and this may be a good thing to check out right now. This is the best time to join that club or group ac­tiv­ity. The en­ergy of a group ac­tiv­ity that has the same in­ter­ests as you do can boost your morale, add to your friend­ship list and give your­self op­por­tu­ni­ties to net­work. Some­one near you needs the ben­e­fit of the doubt for now. This could be a young per­son just want­ing to be in­de­pen­dent. Re­lax with a loved one this evening.

LEO 23 JUL – 22 AUG

This could be a chal­leng­ing day. How­ever, there are won­der­ful op­por­tu­ni­ties to move up the cor­po­rate lad­der and speak­ing up for your own self is a wise de­ci­sion. Pro­mote your­self by sub­mit­ting a pro­posal to help you ad­vance. This is truly a time to ac­com­plish much. Your man­age­ment ex­per­tise is in high fo­cus and higher-ups are aware of your hard work. You may hes­i­tate in requesting help for some sort of re­search project but it is im­por­tant that you are able to al­lo­cate and en­cour­age oth­ers to help you progress. You are able to be pro­duc­tive and dis­ci­plined in your work. You may ap­pear very at-ease and loose this evening. Af­ter a tough day at work you are ready for play. You could find a loved one has ideas of how the two of you could re­lax.


You will be pleased at the progress you have made this week–just take a look! This is a sat­is­fy­ing day. Achiev­ing whole­ness is the fo­cal point of all ar­eas of your life and this in­cludes the phys­i­cal as well as the pro­fes­sional, emo­tional and spir­i­tual. You are ready to achieve a bal­ance in your life. This may not, how­ever, be a good time to make decisions about money. You may want to be­gin a va­ca­tion at this time. If you are not va­ca­tion­ing, you may want to plan some sort of fun out­ing this evening or for to­mor­row evening. Per­haps you can get away from the city lights so you can view the sky with a loved one. View­ing the heav­ens should be great just now–weather per­mit­ting, of course. Good cud­dling weather!

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