“We are all so grate­ful for the care and at­ten­tion that Mal­tese pa­tients re­ceive” - Marie Louise Coleiro-Preca

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“We are all so grate­ful for the care and at­ten­tion that Mal­tese pa­tients re­ceive by var­i­ous hos­pi­tals in Lon­don”.

This was said by the Pres­i­dent of Malta Marie Louise Coleiro Preca dur­ing her an­nual of­fi­cial visit in Lon­don in the run up for Ist­rina.

The Pres­i­dent yes­ter­day vis­ited two hos­pi­tals; Great Or­mond Street Hospi­tal and the Na­tional Hospi­tal for Neu­rol­ogy and Neu­ro­surgery. Dur­ing these vis­its she did not only meet the pa­tients and their fam­i­lies but also Mal­tese med­i­cal staff who work in these spe­cialised hos­pi­tals.

Great Or­mond Hospi­tal

More than 50 Mal­tese chil­dren this year re­ceived treat­ment at Great Or­mond Street Hospi­tal. This hospi­tal in Lon­don spe­cial­izes in pae­di­atric care such as car­diores­pi­ra­tory prob­lems and gas­troin­testi­nal ill­nesses. For more than 40 years, since the bi­lat­eral agree­ment be­tween the Mal­tese govern­ment and the hospi­tal Mal­tese one was signed, chil­dren re­ceive spe­cialised treat­ment that could not be given in our hos­pi­tals.

The Pres­i­dent was wel­comed by a nine year old Mal­tese girl, Keona Vella, who is re­ceiv­ing treat­ment in this hospi­tal. “It is al­ways a plea­sure to come to this hospi­tal be­cause a lot of Mal­tese chil­dren have been treated with a lot of love and at­ten­tion. Both the chil­dren and their par­ents have only words of praise to the pro­fes­sional way they are treated and for this we are very grate­ful,” the Pres­i­dent said.

Juli­ette Green­wood, the Chief Nurse at Great Or­mond, said that this hospi­tal does not only help Mal­tese chil­dren but also has Mal­tese doc­tors that work there. She said that the hospi­tal does not only give good health care but also makes sure that the en­vi­ron­ment that these chil­dren are sur­rounded with makes them feel good and that they do not look at the build­ing as just a hospi­tal.

At the end of this visit the Pres­i­dent gave a do­na­tion to the hospi­tal ex­plain­ing that the share­hold­ers of this do­na­tion are the Mal­tese and Goz­i­tan peo­ple that help the Malta Com­mu­nity Chest fund all year round.

Chris­tian Aquilina

The Malta In­de­pen­dent also spoke to a Mal­tese Con­sul­tant Pae­di­atric Neu­ro­sur­geon, Chris­tian Aquilina. Mr Aquilina has been prac­tic­ing as a child sur­geon for the past four years. Mr Aquilina said that it is a great priv­i­lege that as a Mal­tese neu­ro­sur­geon is able to take care of Mal­tese boys and girls and at the same time give back some­thing to our own coun­try and look af­ter these chil­dren.

Na­tional Hospi­tal for Neu­rol­ogy and Neu­ro­surgery

The Pres­i­dent of Malta also vis­ited the Na­tional Hospi­tal for Neu­rol­ogy and Neu­ro­surgery. This year around 40 Mal­tese pa­tients came to Lon­don to re­ceive treat­ment here. This hospi­tal, which was the first one in the world, spe­cialises in com­pli­ca­tions re­lated to the ner­vous sys­tem which af­fect the brain and the spine. Here the Pres­i­dent also meet with the Mal­tese Con­sul­tant Lud­vic Zrinzo who has been study­ing this field for 17 years and work­ing as a sur­geon in this hospi­tal for a num­ber of years.

The Pres­i­dent thanked Mr Zrinzo be­cause he is now see­ing and op­er­at­ing Mal­tese pa­tients in Malta and that means the pa­tients do not need to leave their home and fam­ily and at the same re­ceive the right treat­ment.

Here the Pres­i­dent also gave a do­na­tion from the Malta Com­mu­nity Chest Fund. She said that these hos­pi­tals are also re­search hos­pi­tals and these do­na­tions will help to find cures which will also help the Mal­tese peo­ple.

Mr Zrinzo told this news­room that, “more and more med­i­cal equip­ment is be­ing bought by the Mal­tese hospi­tal and this gives the pa­tient the op­por­tu­nity to be treated in Malta rather than com­ing to Lon­don”.

He said that as a re­sult that Mater Dei is in­vest­ing in more equip­ment he is trav­el­ing to Malta more of­ten so as to be able to op­er­ate Mal­tese pa­tients in Malta. He said that thanks for to­day’s tech­nol­ogy ma­jor op­er­a­tions in the brain can be done with mi­nor in­va­sive surgery.

Apart from Mr Zrinzo, at the Na­tional Hospi­tal for Neu­rol­ogy and Neu­ro­surgery there is an­other Mal­tese doc­tor, Shawn Agius. Mr Agius who is Goz­i­tan is be­ing trained by Mr Zrinzo to be­come a neu­ro­sur­geon. He has been work­ing as a doc­tor for seven years and his plan is to be­come a con­sul­tant neu­rol­o­gist in Malta.

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