Toblerone tri­an­gle change upsets fans‘- Not a re­sult of Brexit’

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A de­ci­sion to space out the dis­tinc­tive tri­an­gu­lar choco­late chunks in two Toblerone bars sold in the UK has up­set fans who say that they do mind the gap. The prod­uct’s mak­ers, USbased Mon­delez In­ter­na­tional, said it had changed the de­sign to re­duce the weight of what were 400g and 170g bars.

Some con­sumers have de­scribed the move as “the wrong de­ci­sion” and said the big­ger spa­ces looked “stupid”.

Mon­delez said the move was down to a rise in the cost of in­gre­di­ents. In a state­ment on the Toblerone Face­book page, the com­pany said it had to make a de­ci­sion be­tween chang­ing the look of the bars or rais­ing the price.

The move has re­sulted in the weight of the 400g bars be­ing re­duced to 360g and the 170g bars to 150g, while the size of the pack­ag­ing has re­mained the same. It said: “We chose to change the shape to keep the prod­uct af­ford­able for our cus­tomers.”

But con­sumers took to Toblerone’s Face­book page to ques­tion why the com­pany had de­cided to make the gaps be­tween the tri­an­gles big­ger, rather than re­duc­ing the length of the bars. Lee Yarker said: “Fair enough re­duc­ing the weight of the bar, but why the big gap in be­tween seg­ments? Looks stupid imo [in my opin­ion], could have just made the bar shorter and kept the orig­i­nal de­sign.” Philip Joseph wrote: “It was the wrong de­ci­sion. It looks like a re­ally un­der­handed thing to do. “You buy a bar ex­pect­ing a nor­mal bar and it looks like you are get­ting half the choco­late.”

Cathy White added: “It looks dread­ful. Think you should’ve re­duced the length and kept the chunky tri­an­gles.”

How­ever, other con­sumers praised the com­pany for mak­ing a pub­lic an­nounce­ment on the change. Lainey Ire­son wrote: “Sadly what­ever you chose won’t please ev­ery­one but as Toblerone is such a great prod­uct I’m happy that you’ve ex­plained - a lot of com­pa­nies wouldn’t be so mindful.”

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