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Ex­press­ing your views re­gard­ing some sub­ject mat­ter may be a bit touchy to­day. You have a sense for power, wealth and pas­sion. Yours is in­deed a pas­sion­ate life. You are not at all su­per­fi­cial and you al­ways seem to get to the heart of things. This is good for busi­ness and pol­i­tics but your words and ac­tions can some­times be con­strued as in­sen­si­tive; lis­ten and learn. You will suc­ceed best if you ask for feed­back from those with whom you have been teach­ing or help­ing. Be wise in your com­mu­ni­ca­tion with oth­ers by agree­ing to dis­agree oc­ca­sion­ally. There is a strong sense that new things need ex­pe­ri­enc­ing. You may be plan­ning your next va­ca­tion–the fun is in the prep work. For the time be­ing you might con­sider a stay-va­ca­tion.


The sup­port you need for what­ever you want to ac­com­plish is now avail­able. This is the time to make your re­quest. You could gain at­ten­tion with su­pe­ri­ors or in re­la­tion to your work. As you work to en­hance the value of your ser­vice, you will en­hance your job po­ten­tial. You may find that you en­joy your job or the re­spon­si­bil­ity it en­tails more than usual. Cir­cum­stances may stim­u­late the plea­sure of your life sit­u­a­tion now. Your ethics deepen, pro­vid­ing you with a bet­ter sense of dis­crim­i­na­tion. That pur­chas­ing eye of yours is fine-tuned; oth­ers may find you se­lect­ing the best buys. This is the time of year you en­joy shop­ping and a view in sev­eral shop win­dows will give you an idea of where you want to shop in the near fu­ture. Lists are good.


Some­one im­por­tant or in au­thor­ity may put a damper on your ideas. Since you are good at cre­ative think­ing, there are many more ideas where th­ese came from. Take this as an op­por­tu­nity to re­assess and re­vamp your think­ing. Lis­ten care­fully, there may or may not be im­por­tant points to pon­der. Your ef­forts will not go un­no­ticed. Your work en­vi­ron­ment is usu­ally the most practical of en­vi­ron­ments. You can ma­nip­u­late ev­ery sit­u­a­tion and put it to good use. Emo­tions are sel­dom a pri­or­ity and you are al­ways very practical and am­bi­tious. Your ca­reer is cen­tral to ev­ery­thing you do. Far­sighted and tra­di­tional, you en­joy suc­cess and the suc­cess­ful. Ob­tain­ing and ex­chang­ing information takes on more emo­tional sig­nif­i­cance for you now.


This is a great time to work and be with oth­ers. An au­thor­ity fig­ure may seek you out as just the per­son for a par­tic­u­lar job. This is a busy but re­ward­ing work­day. Fond­ness and ap­pre­ci­a­tion for the past and for your roots in life take on a greater im­por­tance. A co­worker friend may have re­cently done re­search on his or her family his­tory and is will­ing to give you sug­ges­tions of how to go about this re­search. You could make plans to meet at a li­brary this week­end or some day af­ter work to gain that information. Mak­ing your home sit­u­a­tion more at­trac­tive plays a part in this and the sale or pur­chase of real es­tate could bring you much gain be­fore this cy­cle ends. There is a chance to have a spe­cial time with some­one you love. This is a pos­i­tive time. PISCES 19 FEB – 20 MAR The op­po­si­tion and block­age you may be ex­pe­ri­enc­ing this morn­ing are tem­po­rary–re­ally. Cool it and let this one pass. Jot down in­ven­tive ideas that come to your mind to­day as you will have an op­por­tu­nity to dis­cuss the ideas with a trusted friend later to­day. The con­ven­tion cen­ter, a lec­ture hall or some other place for a pre­sen­ta­tion could be in or­der to­day and you, along with sev­eral other work part­ners, want to hear the mes­sage. Fol­low your in­stincts and you will not go wrong to­day. When you no­tice a need for as­sist­ing an­other, you are quick to either give help or find help. This is a good time to teach and ad­ver­tise your fa­vorite char­ity. You throw your­self into help­ing other peo­ple grow and pros­per. Good luck sur­rounds you this evening. ARIES 21 MAR – 19 APR

This is a pe­riod when you take your work more se­ri­ously than usual. There is a lot of en­ergy avail­able and you are de­ter­mined to get things sched­uled and or­ga­nized. The nail that sticks up is ham­mered down now. Law, pol­i­tics, ed­u­ca­tion, travel and re­li­gion are some of the ar­eas where an emo­tion­ally charged drama may be played. See­ing both sides of an is­sue and fig­ur­ing out res­o­lu­tions to op­pos­ing views take on a greater im­por­tance. You can re­ally use your mind to make clear choices and think through sit­u­a­tions. Some ne­go­ti­a­tions may be in or­der. A new cy­cle also be­gins that helps you with the progress of your work. This cy­cle in­volves re­la­tion­ships, so­cial con­nec­tions and the arts–in a more lead­ing role than in the past.. TAU­RUS 20 APR – 20 MAY

You are re­lent­less about cut­ting through ap­pear­ances and find­ing the es­sen­tial in sit­u­a­tions. This could in­volve le­gal or fi­nan­cial mat­ters. A height­ened in­ter­est in get­ting things or­ga­nized into a ra­tio­nal sys­tem is a part of this. There is much men­tal busy­work. A time of good for­tune will be­gin to open up in a very nat­u­ral way. It will be­come easy to see the path you will take. Be­cause of new op­por­tu­ni­ties, you may find your­self en­er­gized and ready to par­tic­i­pate. With your de­ter­mi­na­tion to suc­ceed, the time will soon be right to take the lead. You may be able to en­joy and value your own life sit­u­a­tion or feel es­pe­cially kind to­wards a friend or loved one this evening. If the weather is good, you might en­joy a walk with a loved one af­ter the evening meal. GEM­INI 21 MAY – 21 JUN

This is a chal­leng­ing day in that there is much to be ac­com­plished. You may be es­pe­cially dy­namic and as­sertive just now. You are help­ful with co-work­ers and, if asked, can give plenty of sug­ges­tions or ideas to oth­ers. Right now, the key to ca­reer moves in­volves tend­ing to nag­ging de­tails–what­ever you have ne­glected and put off be­fore to­day. Take a deep breath and dig in to the work at hand. A good work ethic is re­warded. Do your share to en­sure smooth sail­ing on the job. At­ten­tion to mat­ters of ef­fi­ciency is im­por­tant. There is a lot of en­ergy avail­able to push for­ward with your per­sonal plans this af­ter­noon. Close re­la­tion­ships of­fer a lot of po­ten­tial for growth this evening. You are able to cre­ate many heal­ings with your in­put. CAN­CER 22 JUN – 22 JUL You should find ev­ery­thing run­ning in a smooth man­ner to­day. Ideas and in­ter­ac­tion with au­thor­ity fig­ures may be in the forecast. Work­ing with rather than against the flow should be easy to do. Outer cir­cum­stances and the flow of events make it easy for you to make clear de­ci­sions–see the road ahead and move for­ward. Things seem to fall into place–progress is easy. Be care­ful not to overex­tend. Some­times you say yes too quickly and may hastily try to get too many things ac­com­plished at once. Give your­self time to con­sider the long-term con­se­quences. Part­ner­ships, per­sonal re­la­tion­ships or the so­cial scene in gen­eral can have a very de­cided in­flu­ence on your ca­reer and work­place. You will gain from net­work­ing. LEO 23 JUL – 22 AUG

You have an urge to strike out on your own in a new di­rec­tion, to take on new challenges no mat­ter what the risks. You can be bold, per­haps head­strong and im­pa­tient. This is a pe­riod em­pha­siz­ing an en­hanced sense of per­sonal pos­si­bil­ity and po­ten­tial. There is tremen­dous psy­cho­log­i­cal growth, which can lead to great per­sonal suc­cess, if you fol­low through with it. You might also find that you will put on the pounds if you are not care­ful. There is a bout of phi­los­o­phy or even a lit­tle re­li­gion now that could have an enor­mous ef­fect on your ca­reer dur­ing this time. Last­ing val­ues can guide you now; you are open­ing up av­enues that have re­mained blocked. There is sup­port all around you for what­ever you want to ac­com­plish to­day. VIRGO 23 AUG – 22 SEP

Keep a pos­i­tive out­look through a chal­leng­ing dilemma in the work­place to­day. You may not have all the facts at this time so make sure you re­move any judg­ments. Give your­self time and you will have the an­swers you need. Your in­tu­ition is strong and can guide you ac­cu­rately in mak­ing fore­casts or de­ci­sions. Hard work and go­ing be­yond the call of duty are par for the course to­day. Friend­ships and in­volve­ment in group ac­tiv­i­ties play a more im­por­tant part for you this af­ter­noon. Friends are our only true riches and the sat­is­fac­tion that comes from ac­com­plish­ing things in co­op­er­a­tion with oth­ers is some­thing no one can take away from you. A good con­ver­sa­tion with those you love is pos­si­ble this evening. LI­BRA 23 SEP – 22 OCT

This is a good time to con­cen­trate on your ca­reer goals. Your or­ga­ni­za­tional abil­i­ties and sense of re­spon­si­bil­ity will be what guides you and proves suc­cess­ful. Your ca­reer could as­sume a more de­ter­mined and solid form. There is cer­tainly an abun­dance of pa­per­work to wade through to­day. You may think that few peo­ple rec­og­nize your ef­forts or ac­com­plish­ments but in­stead, there are peo­ple that know and ap­pre­ci­ate your work. You should, how­ever, throw your ef­forts into work you re­ally love do­ing. A ma­jor­ity of plan­ets in the past have pointed to some sort of com­fort zone for you. Now, you will find your­self seeking more chal­leng­ing and out­go­ing projects. You en­joy shar­ing qual­ity time with a loved one this evening.

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