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Only 3% do not have a mo­bile

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The MCA has pub­lished the find­ings of a sur­vey gaug­ing con­sumer per­cep­tions based on their ex­pe­ri­ence in us­ing mo­bile tele­phony ser­vices of­fered in Malta. Key themes re­late to the level of sat­is­fac­tion with the ser­vice, con­sumer sen­si­tiv­i­ties to price changes and propen­sity to switch.

Sur­vey find­ings also cover the over­all ex­pe­ri­ence with cus­tomer care and the propen­sity of res­i­den­tial end-users to use over-the-top ser­vices over mo­bile.

The sur­vey was car­ried out by EMCS on be­half of the MCA via tele­phone in­ter­views. A to­tal of 963 ran­domly se­lected re­spon­dents par­tic­i­pated in this sur­vey.

In­creas­ing share of post-paid sub­scrip­tions

Just 3% of sur­vey re­spon­dents re­port not hav­ing a mo­bile sub­scrip­tion, with most of these aged over 65. These claimed they found no need for a mo­bile con­nec­tion and/or con­sid­ered that us­ing a mo­bile hand­set was too com­pli­cated.

Com­par­ing sur­vey find­ings for the years 2015 and 2017, take-up of post-paid sub­scrip­tions for res­i­den­tial end-users was up by 13 per­cent­age points to 35% of the sub­scriber base. How­ever, 61% of sur­vey re­spon­dents with a mo­bile sub­scrip­tion re­ported hav­ing a pre-paid sub­scrip­tion and the re­main­ing 4% re­ported a hy­brid sub­scrip­tion.

More smart­phones in use

66% of sur­vey re­spon­dents with a mo­bile sub­scrip­tion re­ported hav­ing a smart­phone. Not­with­stand­ing a grow­ing pref­er­ence for smart­phones, around half of sur­vey re­spon­dents with a stan­dard mo­bile hand­set say they would not switch to a smart­phone as they per­ceive such de­vices as be­ing too com­pli­cated to use and that their stan­dard hand­set was suf­fi­cient for their mo­bile tele­phony ac­tiv­i­ties. Half of the re­spon­dents mak­ing these state­ments were over 65 years of age.

A good cus­tomer care ser­vice and value for money a pri­or­ity for en­dusers

54% of sur­vey re­spon­dents iden­tify a good cus­tomer care ser­vice as an es­sen­tial fac­tor when se­lect­ing their ser­vice provider. A third of sur­vey re­spon­dents say that their choice of ser­vice provider de­pends on the per­ceived value for money and the choices made by fam­ily and friends.

Pre-paid sub­scribers more knowl­edge­able on ex­pen­di­ture than post­paid sub­scribers

End-users on pre-paid plans were far more likely to know their monthly ex­pen­di­ture than those sub­scribed to post-paid plans. In­deed, only 6% of sur­vey re­spon­dents with a pre-paid sub­scrip­tion were un­able to iden­tify their monthly ex­pen­di­ture, with the share ris­ing to 24% in the case of re­spon­dents with a post-paid sub­scrip­tion.

Mean­while, post-paid re­spon­dents knowl­edge­able on their monthly ex­pen­di­ture re­ported a higher fi­nan­cial out­lay than pre­paid re­spon­dents; 83% of re­spon­dents on a pre-paid plan re­ported an av­er­age monthly fi­nan­cial out­lay of less than €20 per month. Just 29% of re­spon­dents on a post-paid plan re­ported a sim­i­lar out­lay, while 47% re­ported pay­ing over €20 per month for their mo­bile ser­vices.

Ris­ing pop­u­lar­ity of mo­bile data and free Wi-Fi hotspots

Over 55% of re­spon­dents with a mo­bile sub­scrip­tion re­ported usage of mo­bile data ser­vices, with a sub­stan­tial chunk of these re­spon­dents say­ing they use these ser­vices on a daily ba­sis.

Around half of those re­port­ing an ac­tive usage of mo­bile data say they man­age such usage by ac­cess­ing free pub­lic Wi-Fi zones.

A highly sat­is­fied cus­tomer base and low switch­ing

91% of sur­vey re­spon­dents with a mo­bile sub­scrip­tion re­ported be­ing sat­is­fied with their ser­vice.

A fur­ther 7% re­ported be­ing in­dif­fer­ent on this as­pect and the re­main­ing 2% felt dis­sat­is­fied with the ser­vice.

Of those re­port­ing dis­sat­is­fac­tion with the cur­rent ser­vice, just a third say they would be will­ing to switch ser­vice provider. The rest say they would not switch for a num­ber of rea­sons, namely:

• a per­cep­tion that the switch­ing process is


• a sub­scrip­tion that forms part of a bun­dle;


• a per­cep­tion that all ser­vice providers of­fer

sim­i­lar ser­vices.

No­table usage of OTT ser­vices over the mo­bile phone

Half of sur­vey re­spon­dents with a mo­bile sub­scrip­tion re­port OTT-based ac­tiv­i­ties over their mo­bile phone. 82% of re­spon­dents mak­ing use of OTT ser­vices say they carry out OTT-based ac­tiv­i­ties on a daily ba­sis, with al­most all of these say­ing they con­sider OTT-based mes­sag­ing ser­vices such as What­sApp and Mes­sen­ger as sub­sti­tutable to tra­di­tional SMS ser­vices.

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