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Yetis live in on the top of a moun­tain in the Hi­malayas, Nepal, [6] above the clouds and hid­den away from sight. Migo is a yeti who abides by the law of the an­cient stones held by the Stone­keeper, the yetis’ leader. Migo’s fa­ther, Dor­gle, projects him­self through the air each morn­ing to ring the gong with his head so that the sun can pass over the sky. While learn­ing how to ring the gong, Migo gets dis­tracted by the Stone­keeper’s daugh­ter, Meechee, whom he loves, and misses the gong and lands out­side the vil­lage. There, Migo wit­nesses a plane crash and finds a “small­foot” (hu­man), whom the yetis have taken for be­ing leg­ends. Migo runs back to tell the vil­lagers what he saw, but has no proof. The Stone­keeper ban­ishes him from the vil­lage.

Migo is sud­denly vis­ited by Gwangi, Kolka, and Fleem who bring him to the Small­foot Ev­i­den­tiary So­ci­ety (S.E.S.), which is led by Meechee. She con­vinces Migo to go along with their plan of go­ing be­low the clouds de­spite the stones telling them that there is noth­ing un­der­neath. Af­ter some hes­i­ta­tion, Migo agrees to go, but the rope he is tied to snaps and Migo falls through the clouds where he dis­cov­ers land un­der­neath.

Percy Pat­ter­son is a wildlife doc­u­men­tary film­maker who has lost his in­tegrity. He meets the pi­lot who saw the yeti, and in a des­per­ate at­tempt to re­gain his fame tries to con­vince his as­sis­tant, Brenda, to dress up as a yeti so that they can film their ex­ploits, but she aban­dons him in­stead. Migo ar­rives at the lo­cal pub and un­know­ingly scares Percy when try­ing to com­mu­ni­cate with him.

Migo takes Percy with him and they stop in a cave to wait out a bliz­zard. While chas­ing af­ter Percy, Migo gets his toe caught in a bear trap and Percy takes pity on him by re­mov­ing the trap and ban­dag­ing Migo’s wound with duct tape. Migo fi­nally man­ages to get through to Percy, who agrees to go with him and they head back up the moun­tain, where they are re­united with the S.E.S. The vil­lage is con­fused by Percy’s ap­pear­ance, but hap­pily ac­cept him and learn about his cul­ture; much to Stone­keeper’s dis­may. Af­ter­wards, Stone­keeper takes Migo in­side the palace and re­veals the truth to him: yetis used to live be­low the clouds, but were forced away by the hu­mans who attacked them. To keep them safe, they cre­ated the stones. In or­der to pro­tect the vil­lage, Migo agrees to keep up the lie by telling the yetis that Percy, who is be­gin­ning to ex­pe­ri­ence high al­ti­tude sick­ness, is just a hair­less wild yak. Stone­keeper takes Percy and locks him in a box, so Percy can get more ill. Migo later dis­cov­ers that Meechee took Percy away to re­turn him home. Migo jumps down the moun­tain with Gwangi and Kolka, fol­low­ing suit.

Af­ter drop­ping off Percy, Meechee be­comes dis­tracted by the won­ders in the city and be­gins to ac­ci­den­tally cause a dis­rup­tion. Meechee is attacked by the po­lice, but is res­cued by Gwangi, Kolka and Migo. The yetis try to make it back to the moun­tain, but are chased by a SWAT he­li­copter that is taken down by the Stone­keeper us­ing his stones. Aside from Migo, the yetis es­cape to safety. Af­ter­wards, Percy ar­rives on his snow­mo­bile and re­luc­tantly shoots Migo with a tran­quil­izer gun to save him. The po­lice chase what they think is Migo (ac­tu­ally Percy in dis­guise). When the po­lice cap­ture him, they see it is Percy. Percy is ar­rested for pub­lic dis­tur­bance and fraud.

Back at the vil­lage, in­side the palace, Migo and Stone­keeper ex­plain the truth to the yetis while Migo apol­o­gizes for ly­ing to them. Migo tells the oth­ers that even though hu­mans may still be scared of the yetis, they should still try to com­mu­ni­cate with them. The yetis leave the vil­lage and are con­fronted by the po­lice. Percy, out per­form­ing com­mu­nity ser­vice, and Brenda emerge from the crowd and stand up for the yetis. The rest of the hu­mans slowly wel­come the yetis and ac­cept them into their lives.

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