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The Land Own­er­ship Sup­port Cam­paign has been on­go­ing for two months in an ef­fort to help ger area res­i­dents pur­chase the land they re­side on.

As the cam­paign is sched­uled to end next month, Head of the Land Own­er­ship Di­vi­sion at the Ulaan­baatar Land Of­fice U.Su­vd­suren gave a brief in­ter­view to re­port on its progress.

Since the Land Own­er­ship Sup­port Cam­paign launched in Septem­ber, how many peo­ple have ap­plied?

The cam­paign kicked off on Septem­ber 4. Our spe­cial­ists first con­ducted on­site in­spec­tions at the res­i­dences of 1,154 peo­ple liv­ing in Songi­nokhairkhan District, re­solved cadas­tral map re­lated prob­lems of 33 fam­i­lies, elim­i­nated mis­cel­la­neous prob­lems of 10 fam­i­lies and pro­vided le­gal con­sul­ta­tion to 63 peo­ple who hadn’t re­ceived their real es­tate cer­tifi­cates al­though they were ap­proved. Our di­vi­sion has handed out land own­er­ship di­rec­tives to 429 peo­ple in ac­cor­dance with the Ulaan­baatar Mayor’s or­ders.

Spe­cial­ists worked at Bayanzurkh District for three weeks from Septem­ber 25 to Oc­to­ber 28. Dur­ing this time, they vis­ited 2,477 res­i­dences, found 408 ex­pired land use per­mits, cor­rected res­i­dence perime­ter of 87 peo­ple, and re­solved 188 vi­o­la­tions re­lated to trans­fer of land per­mit. These is­sues were re­ported to the Mayor’s Of­fice twice but the mayor hasn’t taken any coun­ter­mea­sures.

More­over, there were 441 res­i­dents who didn’t have any prob­lems get­ting the own­er­ship of their res­i­dence. A mayor’s di­rec­tive has been sent to district land de­part­ments to ap­prove their land own­er­ship.

Most re­cently, our spe­cial­ists worked in Bayan­gol District. As of Novem­ber 13, they met with 465 res­i­dents, vis­ited 228 res­i­dences, and re­ceived 115 ap­pli­ca­tions with­out any vi­o­la­tions. We’re also cor­rect­ing cadas­tral maps of homes that have their gate­way placed in the wrong di­rec­tion.

In to­tal, land own­er­ship ap­pli­ca­tions of 985 res­i­dents liv­ing in Songi­nokharikhan, Bayanzurkh and Bayan­gol dis­tricts have been ap­proved and 1,628 ap­pli­ca­tions are wait­ing for ap­proval of land per­mit ex­ten­sion and trans­fer.

Can peo­ple who have land per­mits in Zus­lan area ap­ply in the cam­paign?

This cam­paign is for peo­ple liv­ing in Res­i­den­tial Zones 1 and 2 in Ulaan­baatar. The rea­son we’re fo­cus­ing on these zones is that cam­paign ini­tia­tors de­cided to first carry out the cam­paign in these ar­eas un­til the end of this year. The Land Own­er­ship Sup­port Cam­paign will fo­cus on Res­i­den­tial Zones 3 and 4, and Zus­lan ar­eas from 2018 as the 26 par­tial gen­eral plans for Zus­lan area need to be re­newed.

In other words, the bud­get for re­draft­ing the par­tial gen­eral plans hasn’t been ap­proved yet. Ap­prov­ing the bud­get will en­able us to in­ten­sify land dis­tri­bu­tion re­lated work in Zus­lan ar­eas next year. The cur­rent gen­eral plan was de­vel­oped in 2011 so it’s not con­sis­tent with the cur­rent land ar­range­ment.

Can res­i­dents liv­ing in Res­i­den­tial Zones 3 and 4 ap­ply for land own­er­ship now?

Res­i­den­tial Zones 1 and 2 was cho­sen be­cause there were only three months left un­til the end of the year. It was best to start with these ar­eas be­cause all of their land is oc­cu­pied. The end of the cam­paign doesn’t mean land own­er­ship work will fin­ish. Peo­ple are free to ap­ply for land own­er­ship. The cam­paign fa­cil­i­tates this process as spe­cial­ists work closely with ap­pli­cants, over­see res­i­dences with­out de­lay, and pro­vide nec­es­sary con­sul­ta­tion. How­ever, those in­ter­ested in tak­ing own­er­ship of their cur­rent res­i­dence, can sub­mit their doc­u­ments to their re­spec­tive district land depart­ment with­out hav­ing to wait for the cam­paign.

The Land Own­er­ship Sup­port Cam­paign is un­der­way in Bayan­gol District. Where do you plan to carry it out next?

We started work­ing in Khan-Uul District on Novem­ber 13. Start­ing from Novem­ber 15, we will carry out the cam­paign in Sukhbaatar for 10 days and then in Chin­gel­tei District. It will be re­ally help­ful if res­i­dents pre­pare the nec­es­sary doc­u­ments be­fore­hand.

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