N.Erkhembayar took part in the World Deaf Wrestling Cadet and Ju­nior Freestyle Cham­pi­onship 2016 held in Tehran, Iran and won the cham­pi­onship in freestyle wrestling and Greco-Ro­man wrestling in the 54 kg weight cat­e­gory.

N.Erkhembayar pre­vi­ously seized a sil­ver medal at the 23rd Sum­mer Deafly­mpics, an in­ter­na­tional multi-sport event that took place in Sam­sun, Turkey in 2017 where 3,105 ath­letes from 97 coun­tries com­peted in 21 dif­fer­ent events.

For his achieve­ments, the wrestler was awarded the Or­der of the Po­lar Star, Mon­go­lia’s high­est state award, last year.

N.Erkhembayar, who has se­vere hear­ing loss, gave an in­ter­view to with the help of his teacher Kh.Purevsuren and his aunt.

First of all, I’d like to con­grat­u­late you on re­ceiv­ing the Or­der of the Po­lar Star. Can you tell us how you felt?

Thank you so much. I didn’t ex­pect that I would re­ceive it. I’d like to ex­press my grat­i­tude to ev­ery­one who sup­ports me.

Why did you start train­ing in freestyle wrestling and Greco-Ro­man wrestling?

I’ve al­ways loved wrestling since I was a kid. My cousin Munkhba­yar is a Soum Ele­phant (folk wrestling ti­tle), and my brother Enkhbaatar is a ju­doka. He won a bronze medal from the State Ju­nior Cham­pi­onships, and bronze, sil­ver and gold medals from the Prov­ince Cham­pi­onships. I think it in­flu­enced me to start train­ing.

At what age did you start train­ing?

I started train­ing in 2011 when I was 11 un­der the guid­ance of my coach Bat­tushig.

Who would you like to name as tough op­po­nents at the World Cham­pi­onships?

There were many skill­ful wrestlers such as Er­shatyg Jan­abil from Kaza­khstan, Ser­han Dolek from Turkey, and Nasser Karimi from Iran.

What was the big­gest dif­fer­ence be­tween Mon­go­lian and for­eign wrestlers?

I think they are all big­ger than me. But I thought I can win if I train well.

Par­tic­i­pat­ing in in­ter­na­tional com­pe­ti­tions costs a lot. Are there any com­pa­nies that spon­sor you?

Many peo­ple and com­pa­nies sup­ported me at the World Cham­pi­onships, in­clud­ing the Mon­go­lian Com­mit­tee of Deaf Sports, mayor of Uvurkhangai Prov­ince, World Vi­sion In­ter­na­tional, Hasu Megawatt Stars Club and my class­mates. I’d like to say thank you again and again to all of them.

Were you bul­lied be­cause of your hear­ing loss?

Peo­ple might find it dif­fi­cult to un­der­stand me. Some­times I make mis­takes be­cause of my hear­ing loss.

Who un­der­stands and sup­ports you the most?

My mother un­der­stands and sup­ports me the most. Also, my coaches and teach­ers un­der­stand me well.

What do you want the gov­ern­ment to do to sup­port dis­abled ci­ti­zens?

I want peo­ple to see us as equal ci­ti­zens who also have as­pi­ra­tions, goals in life and love for our coun­try. I want the gov­ern­ment to sup­port us on what we can do.

What pro­fes­sion do you de­sire to have?

Of course, I want to be a great wrestler. But also to be a good ref­eree who helps dis­abled chil­dren to be­come fa­mous ath­letes in the world is my de­sire.

Do peo­ple of­fend you? How do you deal with


Some­times I get frus­trated when I can’t ex­press my­self well. But I rec­og­nize if peo­ple are talk­ing about good or bad things with the help of my eyes. My class­mates un­der­stand me very well and I feel re­laxed when I talk to them.

What does your mother tell you when you go abroad for com­pe­ti­tions?

My mother says, “Train well so that you can bring achieve­ments form ev­ery com­pe­ti­tion you par­tic­i­pate in, my son. I know that you can do it.” All I want is to see my mother liv­ing hap­pily.

When was the last time you gave a present to your mother?

The day I was awarded with the Or­der of the Po­lar Star my mother looked so happy as if I had given her a present.

Which com­pe­ti­tion are you pre­par­ing for cur­rently?

I have started my train­ing aim­ing to win the State Ju­nior Cham­pi­onships.


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