Nam Wheels - - SAFETY FEATURE -


• Pre­pare - ra­dio, in­ter­net, signs, any­thing that can warn you about your route and take pre­cau­tions.

• If you en­counter mist or fog, ad­just your speed ac­cord­ingly and be very alert to road con­di­tions and other road users. Watch out for pedes­tri­ans!

• Keep a larger fol­low­ing dis­tance and gen­er­ally more space be­tween yours and other ve­hi­cles.

• Turn on your ve­hi­cle’s head­lights or (if fit­ted) the fog lights.

• If you feel that con­di­tions are un­safe, find a safe area to pull over, well away from traf­fic.

• Al­ways keep your win­dows clean, on the out­side and the in­side. Con­sider an anti-damp prod­uct.

• Turn down your mu­sic and open a win­dow to pos­si­bly hear any po­ten­tial dan­gers.

• Use your wind­screen wipers and demis­ter.


• Never take the oc­cu­rance of foggy or misty con­di­tions lightly, they can lead to big ac­ci­dents.

• Do not speed or over­take in bad vis­i­bil­ity as you may not be able to see ap­proach­ing ve­hi­cles or spot po­ten­tial haz­ards in time.

• DO NOT tail-gate (closely fol­low) other ve­hi­cles or as­sume that an­other driver can see bet­ter!

• DO NOT use the main beam “brights” as these re­duce your vi­sion and blind other ve­hi­cles.

• DO NOT drive with your haz­ard / emer­gency flash­ers as they are only for sta­tion­ary use and will dis­tract or con­fuse other driv­ers!

• Avoid af­ter­mar­ket fog lights of an­other colour (e.g. blue or pur­ple) as they aren’t very ef­fec­tive.

• Un­less ne­ces­si­tated by an emer­gency, do not swerve, stop, change lanes or sud­denly per­form a u-turn!

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