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➢ Weather wise, May-sep is best time to visit, the glo­ri­ous out­doors is in full swing, though so are the hordes ➢ Win­ter can be chilly, grey and drizzly, but crowd-free ➢ AMS air­port to city: 20 mins / €45 by cab, train 20 mins / €4 ➢ Just about ev­ery­one speaks English well, and of­ten ➢ Best place to get a taxi is at stands but can be a lot­tery; get the Uber app for has­sle-free hail­ing (see V. Use­ful) ➢ No other city con­fers as many rights to cy­clists. Be­ing an in­fant or in­firm is no ex­cuse, get out of their way! ➢ No other city has as many bike thieves – lock your bike ➢ Trams are easy, reg­u­lar and cover most of the city. Buy tix on­board or at ticket ma­chines; trip plan­ner at / ➢ Buy a 1-4 day pass for un­lim­ited tram, bus and metro rides. Check in and check out EV­ERY time you board/exit ➢ Red­light­dis­trict,rem­brandt­plein,lei­d­se­pleinand­dam Square = stags, hens, ston­ers, hook­ers and look­ers ➢ Many old ho­tels have steep, nar­row stairs, not good for those with clicky hips or big suit­cases, check ahead ➢ Most shops close Sun and Mon am, but open late Thu ➢ Thu/fri best nights out, Sat can be vile, quiet other days ➢ Book restos ahead, esp. on w/ends and in peak sea­son ➢ Ser­vicelevelscan­be­woe­fu­landtip­pingis­notre­quired, though 5-10% left as cash is nice when it’s good ➢ Most restos of­fer value set menus on top of à la carte ➢ Some es­tabs don’t ac­cept credit cards, and some don’t even ac­cept cash, though most take PIN/ATM cards ➢ Smok­ing is banned in­doors ex­cept in des­ig­nated lounges ➢ A café is for coffee, a cof­feeshop is for wacky backy ➢ In­ter­na­tional code for Nether­lands is +31; Am­s­ter­dam land­lines be­gin with 020, most mo­biles be­gin with 06 ➢ In emer­gen­cies, call 112

Some handy Dutch phrases to get your chords warmed up

Goede­mor­gen / Goedeav­ond : Good morn­ing / evening Al­stublieft / Dankuwel : Please / thank you Gezel­lig : It’s cosy/nice/sweet/fun (if you like it, use it) Doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek ge­noeg : Enough al­ready, what crazy lan­guage is this? ’kay, pluk de dag

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