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Come gather 'round peo­ple wherever you roam and ad­mit that the wa­ters Around you have grown And ac­cept it that soon You'll be drenched to the bone. If your time to you Is worth savin' Then you bet­ter start swim­min' Or you'll sink like a stone For the times they are a-changin'. You of­ten hear the me­dia de­scribed as the ‘pointy end of the stick’, when things are not go­ing well for the in­dus­try or econ­omy, mag­a­zines feel it first and when things are go­ing well or sim­ply chang­ing we feel that first as well. Ad­ven­ture sports peo­ple by na­ture are quite cel­lu­lar, whether it’s Johnny Back­packer Jones, who sim­ply loves the life­style, or the man­u­fac­turer who makes Johnny’s back­pack, or the whole­saler who ships it or the re­tailer who sells it. They are all quite sin­gu­lar but we as a mag­a­zine have a great over­view be­cause we deal with them all and I am happy to say that over­view is good!

The Ad­ven­ture in­dus­try is boom­ing, tourism is boom­ing, new com­pa­nies are start­ing, new stores open­ing, new prod­ucts be­ing de­vel­oped, out­door ed­u­ca­tion pro­grammes are full to the brim and above all there is a real pos­i­tive vibe. The gov­ern­ment just pumped a bucket of cash into the in­dus­try, or­gan­i­sa­tion like RAL (Ruapehu Alpine lifts) have had a ma­jor mul­ti­mil­lion dol­lar facelift, there is just a real move for­ward feel to ad­ven­ture/out­door sports. We didn’t want to be left out of the ‘ new look’ cru­sade so we have had a re-brand­ing with the new mast head of Ad­ven­ture, which I am sure you have no­ticed. We have also ex­panded our on­line, dig­i­tal and so­cial pro­files and soon you will start to see some real changes within the pages of the mag­a­zine it­self.

Or­gan­i­cally ad­ven­ture sport is evolv­ing. The evo­lu­tion of ad­ven­ture sport started at one time with small groups of en­thu­si­ast’s kayak­ers, tram­pers, climber, rafters etc all had their own small iso­lated com­mu­ni­ties ba­si­cally do their own thing. Then as the me­dia grew, those sports got ex­po­sure so they be­came less iso­lated the whole com­mu­nity started to see ad­ven­ture sports as ‘doable’. Then com­pa­nies like Red bull got on the ad­ven­ture sports band­wagon and made those sports not only a lot more ap­par­ent but also ‘cool’. As ad­ven­ture sports grew and be­came more mainstream, plus the added fold over of the growth of ad­ven­ture tourism, there be­came real money to be made in the prod­ucts be­ing used; from kayaks to bean­ies, from bikes to jack­ets whole in­dus­tries started to spring up to cater for the growth. Day Two Ltd would have been on to the first to see that a seg­ment of ad­ven­ture sports did not have to just wear woolly jumpers and yel­low buoy­ance aids and added fash­ion, qual­ity and a fun as­pect to kayak­ing. It was not just a change in prod­uct but it was re­flec­tive of a change in at­ti­tude. From there a plethora of com­pa­nies started to cater to those do­ing more ex­treme sports. As more ef­fort was put into de­sign and the qual­ity a nat­u­ral pro­gres­sion was that ad­ven­ture cloth­ing – footwear etc would find its way into ev­ery­day use to the point now that some of the ma­jor man­u­fac­tures, whilst still keep­ing the qual­ity and the de­sign con­cept ‘out­door’ have moved into re­tail­ing into a ur­ban en­vi­ron­ment.

As the ad­ven­ture in­dus­try evolves so we as the mouth­piece of that in­dus­try need to evolve as well. You can’t al­ways get away to the back of be­yond, you can’t al­ways get time to do the mega ‘into the wild’ trip, most of the time we are stuck in an ur­ban set­ting. So in the next is­sue there will be a 16 page UR­BAN seg­ment to the mag­a­zine look­ing at what you can do, where you can go, what you can wear, nu­tri­tion what’s new, what’s in­ter­est­ing and what’s rel­e­vant in a more ur­ban set­ting it will be sim­ply called UR­BAN AD­VEN­TURE.

As al­ways en­joy this our win­ter is­sue – if you have not al­ready fol­low­ing us on-line please do so and we can keep you up-to-date be­tween is­sues so you can sure you are part of the Ad­ven­ture Evo­lu­tion. Steve and the team at Ad­ven­ture Mag­a­zine

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