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Australian Women’s Weekly NZ - - WEEKLY PUZZLES -


1. The Scot­tish girl sails up the East coast (6)

8. A big beast, be­ing dis­turbed, is around no longer (8)

9. From the deli, pre­pared by lit­tle Sally and her French friend (6)

10. Tend to stir them with their three prongs (8) 11. Formerly be­ing Si­amese, I now wear a hat (4) 13. Pro­duced “Beached Fortresses” and with less in the cast (11)

17. All the mem­bers died when we sep­a­rated them (11)

21. Some re­main in a Si­amese part of the world (4)

23. To be­gin with, fi­nally led when sud­denly alarmed (8)

25. Starred at the last rally (6) 26. Shuts in most of those low scenes (8)

27. So here we find some re­ally brave ones (6)


2. Make them ashamed to hold such a large party (5) 3. Some good sports are to be found in them (6)

4. I’ll get the pa­per ready when the tide goes out (4) 5. Point out that I get the cadet in (8)

6. De­clare that it in­cludes South Aus­tralia and the rest (6)

7. As a re­sult some­how,

I’ve taken a shine to it (6) 11. I do ask for lit­tle thanks for be­ing such a croaker (4)

12. Pass out when you see ser­pents? (4)

14. It has dim holes in it so pull it down (8)

15. They do a lot of cov­er­ing up (4)

16. I leave the Bul­gar­ian cap­i­tal with the fur­ni­ture (4)

18. Mean­ing you’re un­der cover? (6)

19. This one’s on a roll (6) 20. A fes­tive sea­son for a queen from the Ori­ent (6) 22. Like you, I play the game (5) 24. Coded one fast move (4)

So­lu­tion in next month’s is­sue.

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