Hello Miss Kitty cake

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30cm round cake board


1½ x 453g tubs vanilla frost­ing pur­ple and pink food colour­ing 2 x 460g pack­aged dou­ble un­filled sponge cake rounds


25g white cho­co­late Melts, plus 2 ex­tra 8cm licorice boot­lace, cut into 4 equal pieces 2 ice-cream wafers 1 waf­fle ice-cream cone 2 brown Smar­ties or M&M’s 1 round pink fizzo ball 15 white mini marsh­mal­lows large pink bow tie 1 Tint one tub of frost­ing pur­ple. Stack three cakes to­gether with a lit­tle frost­ing be­tween each layer (dis­card or keep the re­main­ing cake round for an­other use). Se­cure to cake board with a lit­tle frost­ing. 2 Melt the 25g of cho­co­late. Se­cure licorice to ex­tra Melts with a lit­tle cho­co­late for whiskers; stand un­til set. 3 Cut wafers into 2 large tri­an­gles for ears and 2 slightly smaller tri­an­gles for in­ner ears. Place re­main­ing ½ tub of frost­ing in a mi­crowave-safe bowl; tint frost­ing pink. Mi­crowave on high (100%) for 20 sec­onds or un­til melted. Place cone and small wafer tri­an­gles on a wire rack over a sheet of bak­ing pa­per; pour over pink frost­ing to cover. Stand for 1 hour or un­til set. 4 In­sert larger tri­an­gles on top of cake for ears. Spread pur­ple frost­ing over top and side of cake and ears; use a fork to roughen sur­face of frost­ing for fur. 5 Us­ing the pic­ture as a guide, press Smar­ties or M&M’s, whiskers and fizzo ball onto cake to make Miss Kitty’s face. Po­si­tion bow tie, cone party hat and pink tri­an­gles for in­ner ears. Squash marsh­mal­lows; se­cure around base and on top of party hat.

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