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Ge­orgina Bit­con tells us how to sweeten the chore of vac­u­um­ing, fluff up tow­els and res­ur­rect crys­tallised honey, plus there’s a great way to use banana peel.

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Pop a banana peel into the bot­tom of the hole when plant­ing a new rose and dig in the chopped peel around es­tab­lished roses - they love the potas­sium.

Keep noz­zles clear

After us­ing sealant or glue car­tridges, wipe the noz­zle clean and plug it with a ball of Blu-Tack to pre­vent it from clog­ging and dry­ing out.

Honey res­ur­rected

Honey that has crys­tallised can be brought back to liq­uid life by un­cov­er­ing the jar and mi­crowav­ing on Medium power for 20-second bursts.

Sweet-smelling vac­uum

To pre­vent that stale smell in your vac­uum cleaner, gen­tly wash the fil­ter reg­u­larly with de­ter­gent, then pop it into a lin­gerie wash­ing bag and peg on the line to dry com­pletely. Add a few drops of es­sen­tial oil before re­plac­ing.

Bobby pin con­trol

Before putting bobby pins in your hair, spray them with hair spray and they’ll stay in place.

Paint­ing aid

When paint­ing or var­nish­ing fid­dly things, such as drawer han­dles or knobs, push the screw through an up­turned egg carton to hold the item in place while paint­ing and dry­ing.

Cast­ing-off so­lu­tion

If your cast-off row seems too tight and is spoil­ing the edge of your work, try cast­ing off with a nee­dle that is two to three times larger than the one you used for the body of your knit­ting.

Speed up dry­ing time

Toss a cou­ple of clean ten­nis balls into the dryer to fluff up tow­els, quilts and other bulky items. The balls will bounce around, get­ting rid of lumps and speed­ing up dry­ing time.

Tidy dog ac­ces­sories

Use a sim­ple shower caddy on the back of a door or on the laun­dry wall to hold dog para­pher­na­lia, such as leads, treats, poo bags, grooming tools, sham­poo and so on.

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