Hippy van cake

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30cm x 40cm rec­tan­gu­lar cake board


1 x 450g pack­aged dou­ble un­filled sponge cake slabs 2 x 453g tubs vanilla frost­ing green food colour­ing


50g white cho­co­late Melts 50g 100’s and 1000’s sprin­kles 10cm piece black licorice strap 2 rain­bow sour straps 3 pret­zel sticks 6 ex­treme red sour straps 3 each red, pur­ple and yel­low oval jubes 4 cho­co­late cream-filled bis­cuits 14 ed­i­ble cake dec­o­rat­ing flow­ers 2 x 100’s and 1000’s coated white cho­co­late but­tons 2 yel­low Skit­tles 1 Trim and stack cakes to form a 20cm long x 9cm wide x 7cm high rect­an­gle. Use a lit­tle frost­ing to se­cure cake pieces to­gether; se­cure cake to cake board with a lit­tle frost­ing. Tint half the re­main­ing frost­ing light green. Us­ing pic­ture as a guide, cover bot­tom half of cake with green frost­ing and top half with white frost­ing, mak­ing a ‘V’ shape at the front. 2 Melt cho­co­late. Draw a surf­board shape on bak­ing pa­per, turn pa­per over. Use a spoon to thickly pour and spread cho­co­late over the surf­board draw­ing. Leave un­til al­most set, then trim shape; leave un­til set, re­move pa­per. Spread a lit­tle more cho­co­late (re-melt if nec­es­sary) on sides of surf­board; press 100’s and 1000’s into cho­co­late. Us­ing pic­ture as a guide, cut some of the licorice strap into a strip and cir­cle to make a leg-rope for the surf­board; at­tach with melted cho­co­late. 3 Cut the edge of one rain­bow strap into a scal­lop shape. Spread melted cho­co­late on op­po­site straight edge of strap. Se­cure both rain­bow straps to­gether at a 90° an­gle to make awning for the van; stand un­til set. Cut pret­zel sticks in half and push 6 pieces into one side of the van to make a shelf for the awning to rest on. 4 Cut sour straps into 2 heart shapes; cut re­main­ing strap into thin strips. Use the strips to out­line van and awning. 5 Us­ing pic­ture as a guide, cut the licorice strap into strips to make the ‘peace’ sign; se­cure to van with a lit­tle melted cho­co­late. Cut jubes length­ways into quar­ters to make flow­ers; se­cure flow­ers and hearts to van. Cut left­over pieces of yel­low jube into small rounds; po­si­tion on cen­tre of jube ‘flow­ers’. 6 Decorate with re­main­ing dec­o­ra­tions.

Hippy van

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