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Virgo Aug 24-Sep 23

For the past six years, you have seen con­stant fi­nan­cial change af­fect­ing your house, bank ac­count, com­pany or apart­ment. From Septem­ber 10, you stand to make or save a lot of money, with the first good news by Oc­to­ber. Over the next year, you will be given one un­for­get­table so­lu­tion and a big op­por­tu­nity, which have not been pos­si­ble in over a decade. Life will still be un­pre­dictable un­til 2018, but at least you can make big gains. A wind­fall, new in­come source, raise or gift are pos­si­ble.

Libra ● Sep 24-Oct 23

Your new look, role or ti­tle will be con­firmed by the first week of Oc­to­ber, but you could be cel­e­brat­ing good news as early as Septem­ber 10, when Jupiter, the lucky planet, en­ters Libra, your own sign, for the first time in 12 years. By 2017, you will be very happy with your flat­ter­ing po­si­tion, weight loss or cos­metic surgery. If you were born in the last week of Septem­ber, a for­mer, cur­rent or po­ten­tial part­ner brings a big so­lu­tion or op­por­tu­nity. The choice you make about this man (or woman) re­shapes your fu­ture.

Scorpio ● Oct 24-Nov 22

You in­vested time and en­ergy in an im­por­tant net­work, cir­cle or group last month and luck will con­tinue to be on your side in the first week of Septem­ber, even though the fi­nal out­come will not ap­pear un­til Oc­to­ber. Over the next six weeks, you will ei­ther play an im­por­tant new role be­hind the scenes, or pur­sue a se­cret mat­ter. This will change your life for the bet­ter by 2017, even if you have to cover things up or al­low others to take the lime­light. Is your work con­fi­den­tial? It pays off.

Sagittarius ● Nov 23-Dec 21

You will find out ex­actly where you stand with your project, role, course or un­paid work by Oc­to­ber 7, fol­low­ing a su­perb op­por­tu­nity or so­lu­tion in Au­gust. You will now re­shape your so­cial life in a way not pos­si­ble in years, as old friends re­turn, new friends ap­pear and a spe­cial friend­ship within your club, team or other net­work takes off. The group ven­ture or peo­ple power project sug­gested to you within six weeks will bring fan­tas­tic re­wards. The key per­son in­volved is gen­er­ous with time, con­tacts or re­sources.

Say yes.

Capricorn ● Dec 22-Jan 20

Deep changes af­fect­ing your cho­sen field, in­dus­try or busi­ness will work to your ad­van­tage in Septem­ber, with a spe­cial role or project within six weeks. Be­fore you be­gin this new ad­ven­ture, you will need to tie up loose ends con­nected to an in­ter­state or in­ter­na­tional mat­ter which made per­fect sense in Au­gust, but re­mains un­re­solved. By Oc­to­ber, you will be able to up­date your C.V. and this will help a fur­ther big step in 2017. If your pri­or­ity is home and fam­ily, in­stead, ex­pect ex­cel­lent news within weeks.

Aquarius ● Jan 21-Feb 19

Even if you have to wait un­til Oc­to­ber for a fi­nan­cial, prop­erty or busi­ness mat­ter to be­come fi­nal, you still stand to gain from a su­perb an­swer or op­por­tu­nity. From Septem­ber 23, you will fi­nally have per­fect tim­ing for an am­bi­tious move, trip, web­site, book or course. What you con­firm within six weeks will ex­pand your hori­zons. An un­fa­mil­iar district, state or coun­try will be very lucky for you by 2017 and the clues will be there in the fi­nal week of Septem­ber.

Pisces ● Feb 20-Mar 20

Do all you can to com­plete plans in­volv­ing your for­mer, cur­rent or po­ten­tial part­ner by Septem­ber 9, as the op­por­tu­ni­ties or in­stant so­lu­tions you have en­joyed for 13 months end on that date. You are now on track to make or save sub­stan­tial amounts of money (or cash in kind) and when solid an­swers or new open doors ap­pear in the fi­nal fort­night of Septem­ber, do not hes­i­tate to think big. By the New Moon in the first week of Oc­to­ber, a new busi­ness, fi­nan­cial or prop­erty era is here.

Aries ● Mar 21-Apr 21

The chance to im­prove your love life will ar­rive from Septem­ber 10 with the so­lu­tion you need. You will make a new start which has not been pos­si­ble in 12 years, from the be­gin­ning of Oc­to­ber. A rec­on­cil­i­a­tion with your ex or an op­por­tu­nity to pur­sue some­one new if you are sin­gle will be pos­si­ble from Septem­ber 23. If you’re part of a happy cou­ple, you’ll be cel­e­brat­ing a preg­nancy, hol­i­day of a life­time, new home, ren­o­va­tions or busi­ness to­gether. If your part­ner­ship is an un­happy one, ben­e­fi­cial coun­selling or a friendly part­ing is com­ing.

Taurus ● Apr 22-May 21

Work, whether in the home, paid or un­paid, will bring you more hap­pi­ness than it has in a long time, due to over­due changes which are in the air from Septem­ber 23 and will be part of your life by the start of Oc­to­ber. Whether this in­volves re­tire­ment, a lifestyle change, a new role or needed im­prove­ments in your work sit­u­a­tion, all are pos­si­ble. Aim for the big­gest and best. The dis­cus­sion about chil­dren or a lover may go back and forth dur­ing Septem­ber and you should do all you can to boost your chances by the 9th.

Gemini ● May 22-Jun 22

It was a good idea to start dis­cussing im­prove­ments to your house­hold, apart­ment, fam­ily or house in Au­gust, but you will not see a fi­nal out­come un­til Oc­to­ber 7, so be pre­pared for changes or a wait­ing game. Your des­tiny changes within a month from Septem­ber 10, with the ar­rival of a baby, a new lover or kids’ project. In other in­stances, it is god­chil­dren or young rel­a­tives who will bring you hap­pi­ness. The right an­swer is com­ing for those Gem­i­nis look­ing for so­lu­tions for a son or daugh­ter.

Can­cer ● Jun 23-Jul 23

You will en­joy ben­e­fits from a fam­ily mem­ber, new home, ren­o­va­tions, house­hold reshuf­fle or im­prove­ments from Septem­ber 23. By the start of Oc­to­ber, a suc­cess or so­lu­tion will give you the means to start build­ing even big­ger dreams for 2017. Your first pri­or­ity will soon be­come your peo­ple and your place. A worth­while project or idea, which was un­der dis­cus­sion in Au­gust, will take longer to re­solve than you ex­pect and you may want to dou­ble-check your phone and com­puter.

Leo ● Jul 24-Aug 23

You can look for­ward to a grand new chap­ter with so­cial me­dia, web­sites, blogs, pod­casts or video soon after your ruler, the Sun, changes signs on Septem­ber 23 and your life on the in­ter­net takes a won­der­ful turn. You en­joyed good for­tune with the fi­nan­cial, prop­erty or busi­ness pa­per­work in Au­gust, but ex­pect changes of di­rec­tion or de­lays un­til Oc­to­ber 7, so check it again. If you’ve had prob­lems with com­mu­ni­ca­tions, soon you will be pro­vided with a stun­ning so­lu­tion, with a fi­nal choice in the first week of Oc­to­ber.

Chrysan­the­mum is one of the flo­ral sym­bols for Virgo.

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