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Ge­orgina Bit­con shares help­ful prob­lem solvers, in­clud­ing tips on eas­ing puffy eyes, demist­ing mir­rors and sooth­ing in­sect bites.

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Q How can I re­move dried acrylic from a painted wooden ta­ble with­out hav­ing to re­paint it? L . Paget

Dampen a cloth with methy­lated spir­its or ace­tone and press it over the acrylic paint splash for a few min­utes to soften the paint. Very gen­tly and care­fully, rub the mark, turn­ing cloth to a clean spot re­peat­edly, and check­ing to see the colour be­ing re­moved is not the base paint. Even­tu­ally, the splashed paint will lift.

The thing for stings

Con­trol the in­flam­ma­tion caused by mos­quito, ant and other in­sect bites by wet­ting your skin and rub­bing an as­pirin over the spot.

Bags of beach fun

Take small plas­tic toys to the beach in a mesh laun­dry bag. It’s easy to pack and carry and the sand can be washed out while the toys are still in the bag.

Foot fresh­ener

If you suf­fer from hot, smelly feet in sum­mer, soak them for 15 min­utes in a so­lu­tion of 1 cup an­ti­sep­tic mouth­wash (any kind), 1 cup white vine­gar and 2 cups warm wa­ter.

An egg-cel­lent idea

Af­ter you boil an egg, don’t throw away the eggshells or the cook­ing wa­ter. Use cooled egg wa­ter for African vi­o­lets and dig ground eggshells in around toma­toes, egg­plants, cap­sicum and roses.

Cream on ice

In­stead of wast­ing it, freeze left­over cream in ice cube trays, and trans­fer to zip-up bags. Pop a cou­ple of cubes into casseroles, soups or pasta sauces.

Hit the mist

Keep bath­room mir­rors or your car wind­screen mist-free for months by smear­ing the glass with dish­wash­ing de­ter­gent, then rub­bing with a clean cloth un­til it is com­pletely clear and dry.

The eyes have it

Re­duce puffi­ness and dark cir­cles un­der eyes by chill­ing two used green teabags, then rest­ing with them on your eye­lids for 15 min­utes. Re­peat daily.

Handy peg pot

Use an empty plas­tic hang­ing gar­den pot to store your clothes pegs. It hangs eas­ily on the line and al­ready has holes at the bot­tom so wa­ter can drain out.

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