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Ge­orgina Bit­con has a va­ri­ety of tips and tricks that will make house­hold tasks a lit­tle eas­ier.

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QMy chil­dren’s white sports socks never look re­ally white af­ter wash­ing. Bleach just makes them yel­low. Do you have a tip?

J. Beet­son

Put ¼ cup Lux soap flakes in a large pot with half a lemon and the dirty socks, add enough wa­ter to cover, bring to the boil, sim­mer for 5 min­utes, then drain. Now toss the socks in the wash­ing ma­chine and wash as usual.

Open­ing gam­bit

If you strug­gle to open zip-up bags, cut a “V” in one side only of the top strip (don’t cut into the sealer) and you’ll find it much eas­ier to pull the two halves apart.

Photo ID

If you have taken a hol­i­day photo of a statue, paint­ing or land­mark that you can no longer iden­tify, open Google images, up­load your photo and Google will search the net for the same im­age – chances are some­one else will have snapped it and iden­ti­fied it for you.

Baby bath helper

A plas­tic laun­dry bas­ket makes a good “bath within a bath” for a baby or young tod­dler: it’s less slip­pery and all the toys stay near at hand. Do not leave the child unat­tended at any time.

Cooler fresh­ener

Wipe out your chilly bin with a few drops of vanilla be­fore stor­ing it, or dry it care­fully and throw in a cou­ple of un­used teabags – no nasty odours when you open it for the next use.

Per­son­alised la­bels

To pre­vent ex­cess drips from clog­ging up the rim when you open a new can of paint, use a ham­mer and large nail (or an elec­tric drill) to make a few “drain” holes around the in­ner rim be­fore you start. They will seal when the lid is re­placed.

Give your home­made jams, pick­les and mar­malades a pro­fes­sional look by print­ing your own sticky la­bels from free tem­plates that you can find on the in­ter­net.

Iron with ease

Make iron­ing eas­ier – put 1 litre of wa­ter and a tea­spoon of laven­der oil in a spray bot­tle, spritz over dry, wrin­kled clothes, leave on coat hang­ers for 30 min­utes, then press.

Scratch pro­tec­tion

Keep your non-stick pans scratch-free for longer by pop­ping a paper plate into each one be­fore stor­ing an­other saucepan on top.

Non-stick grat­ing

Place your grater in the freezer for 15 min­utes be­fore us­ing it and food will be less likely to stick. You can also give it a quick spray with oil – es­pe­cially good for cheese.

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