de­light­ful bunny bags and egg dec­o­ra­tions Easter craft:

These easy projects, from cute bunny bags to egg dec­o­ra­tions, are en­joy­able to make for kids and par­ents alike, say Mar­sha Smith and Hande Ren­shaw.

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Easter bunny bags

These are su­per cute and, best of all, su­per easy to make!

What you need

Makes 2 gift bags 50cm pat­terned fab­ric for the lin­ing 50cm of white cot­ton for the out­side of bag Pen­cil Scis­sors Sew­ing ma­chine White cot­ton thread Black fine-tip marker pen


1 If you are us­ing the tem­plate pro­vided (right), pho­to­copy and en­large it to the size you re­quire. Our bags are 15cm wide and 40cm high, so you’ll need to copy the tem­plate onto A3 paper. Cut out the paper tem­plate.

2 Place fab­ric pieces right-side down. Us­ing the pen­cil, trace around the tem­plate four times on the re­verse side of both fabrics, leav­ing about 3cm be­tween each bunny. Cut out the pieces, mak­ing them 1cm larger all round, to pro­vide a seam al­lowance (see Di­a­gram A).

3 Pair up the pieces so you have one pat­terned lin­ing with one white outer, plac­ing them right sides to­gether. You should have four pair­ings – two for each bag.

4 Us­ing the sew­ing ma­chine and white thread, sew each pair to­gether along the pen­cil line, leav­ing an open­ing at the base of the bunny face (see Di­a­gram B). Turn right side out through this open­ing. The gap will dis­ap­pear when you sew both sides of the bag to­gether. You may like to press the pieces flat with an iron.

5 Place the two sides of each bag to­gether, with the white fabrics fac­ing. Sew to­gether as closely to the edge as pos­si­ble, go­ing around the chin in a ‘U’ shape from point A to point B (see Di­a­gram B). This will also close up the open­ing. Turn bag the right way out.

6 Use your marker pen to draw on a cute bunny face. Now just fill them up with your favourite Easter treats and tie the floppy ears in a knot.

Give fun nov­elty items as well as Easter eggs.

Easter bon­net What you need

Coloured card­stock for the leaves Paper straw Crown ring – ours is from Spotlight Hot glue gun Dec­o­ra­tive chick­ens and bun­nies Coloured rib­bon


Draw six leaf shapes onto your coloured card­stock, then cut around the out­lines. Us­ing the hot glue gun, glue paper straw all around the crown ring – it doesn’t need to be too neat. Work your way around to cover the en­tire crown, un­til you have some­thing that re­sem­bles a bird’s nest. Leave to dry. Us­ing the glue gun, glue your leaves onto the crown. Leave to dry. Glue the dec­o­ra­tive chick­ens and bun­nies on top of the straw, spac­ing them out at un­even in­ter­vals around the crown. Leave to dry. Tie a long piece of coloured rib­bon to the back of the crown, tie the top in a bow and then trim to the de­sired length (we kept ours long).

Bunny table run­ner What you need

Hes­sian-type fab­ric Bunny sten­cils (made from tem­plate) Black fab­ric paint White wool Pom­pom maker Hot glue gun


Cut fab­ric to cre­ate a table run­ner about 30cm wide and the de­sired length. Print and cut out sev­eral bunny sten­cils us­ing the bunny tem­plate (right) and place along the table run­ner to de­ter­mine the place­ment of the bun­nies. Trace around the out­side of each of the sten­cils. Paint the in­side of each bunny shape us­ing fab­ric paint. Leave to dry. Make a pom­pom for each rab­bit, us­ing the wool and a pom­pom maker – we pur­chased ours from Spotlight – fol­low­ing the instructions on the back of the box. Us­ing a hot glue gun, stick pom­poms onto the bun­nies for the tails. Leave to dry.

Bunny run­ner tem­plate

Hop to it – use this bunny tem­plate as the ba­sis for your pat­tern. Make it larger or smaller, or flip it, ac­cord­ing to the look you’re af­ter.

Wood­land an­i­mal Easter eggs What you need

Eggs – real or plas­tic Acrylic craft paint – we used peach, light blue and light brown Coloured card­stock – we used white, black, pink, green and var­i­ous blues Fiskars punches – bor­der punches, Petal by Petal punch, heart punch, from craft sup­pli­ers such as Spotlight Scis­sors Glue or hot glue gun


1 If us­ing real eggs, hard-boil or re­move the con­tents – do this by pierc­ing holes in the top and bot­tom, and gen­tly blow­ing out the yolks and whites. Leave shells to dry. 2 Paint your eggs in dif­fer­ent colours and leave to dry. We ap­plied two coats of craft paint to each egg for a smooth, even look. 3 While your eggs are dry­ing, punch out shapes in the coloured card­stock for the eyes, cheeks, noses, ears and wings. For the owl’s chest, we punched out three lay­ers of blue card and glued them to­gether (see main pic­ture, left). 4 Glue the eyes, cheeks and noses on your eggs. Then add the pointy ears for the fox and the wings and crest for the owl. 5 Cre­ate the bases by cut­ting the green card­stock into 16cm x 8cm pieces. Punch out the top edges for the grass, then curve each piece and glue the ends to­gether. 6 When the glue has dried on your eggs, place them onto the grass bases.

Hande’s tip If you use hard-boiled eggs for your menagerie, re­mem­ber they will go off and won’t last past Easter, while blown or plas­tic eggs will last for ever.

“Cre­ate a Noah’s Ark of fun crit­ters.”

Give your Easter table a lit­tle ex­tra bounce with this bunny run­ner.

What you need

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