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Take your time with your money, house, apart­ment, busi­ness, char­ity or pos­ses­sions in April. Take good ad­vice, too, but al­low the story to go back­wards and for­wards from April 1 un­til May 17, as the facts and fig­ures are in flux. What hap­pens now will have an im­pact on your fi­nances from May 2018, so you need to be fully aware of all the pos­si­ble sce­nar­ios, in­clud­ing the prop­erty mar­ket, cur­rency ex­change rates or tax­a­tion changes. Check the terms and con­di­tions with ma­jor pur­chases or trans­ac­tions.

Tau­rus ● Apr 22-May 21

Your im­age, per­sonal ap­pear­ance, ti­tle, rep­u­ta­tion and name would be best or­gan­ised an­other time, Tau­rus. If you must go ahead with de­ci­sions about your pro­file, then at least al­low for de­lays, changes or sim­ple er­rors. Dou­ble-check what is go­ing on and have a flex­i­ble ap­proach, as it may not be un­til the sec­ond half of May that you fi­nally know where you stand. Ex­pect reschedul­ing at the very least and a com­plete re­ver­sal in some cases. Don’t be rushed or pushed. Take your time and check.

Gem­ini ● May 22-Jun 22

This month is about the se­crets you cover up, the con­fi­den­tial as­pects of your life or a role you play be­hind the scenes, where you are vir­tu­ally in­vis­i­ble. Your ruler, Mer­cury, is in ret­ro­grade and although there is an ur­gent need to re­or­gan­ise ev­ery­thing, you would be bet­ter off treat­ing April as a dress re­hearsal or first at­tempt, with the fi­nal de­tails in place in the sec­ond half of May. If noth­ing can wait, at least al­low for com­puter or hu­man er­rors, which is typ­i­cal of this cy­cle. Check your pri­vacy, too.

Can­cer ● Jun 23-Jul 23

You won’t know where you stand with your com­mu­nity and your circle un­til the sec­ond half of May, so al­low for re­ver­sals, mis­takes and mud­dle. There is a com­mu­ni­ca­tion is­sue here, or per­haps a gen­uine prob­lem with a tele­phone, let­ter or com­puter. Your

group, team, club or sim­i­lar must go through a to­tal re­or­gan­i­sa­tion, as the con­trol must be shared. A com­pro­mise will take time, though, so al­low for that. If any­thing goes into writ­ing, read the terms and con­di­tions with a mag­ni­fy­ing glass as things will change.

Leo ● Jul 24-Aug 23

What a mud­dled month for your ca­reer, univer­sity study, full-time par­ent­ing or un­paid work. Try to avoid pa­per­work or sig­na­tures, as there will be a wait­ing game, change or re­ver­sal. If you must pro­ceed, then make sure that ev­ery­one un­der­stands the need for flex­i­bil­ity, as it will not be un­til the sec­ond half of next month that all con­cerned know what the finer de­tails will be. What hap­pens in April shows you a pre­view of a revo­lu­tion to come in the sec­ond half of next year, chang­ing your life by 2020.

Virgo ● Aug 24-Sep 23

Please dou­ble-check your planned trip, do­mes­tic or over­seas vis­i­tor, for­eign or re­gional agree­ments, home or busi­ness relocation, or ex­port plan. Virgo, you are ruled by Mer­cury and, in April, your own planet will ap­pear to move back­wards. Mer­cury the mes­sen­ger will not have his usual winged san­dals on straight, so de­lays, reschedul­ing, changes of mind, re­trac­tions or re­ver­sals are very likely. Bear that in mind, es­pe­cially if you are fly­ing or try­ing to or­gan­ise a hol­i­day for later this year. Read the fine print.

Li­bra ● Sep 24-Oct 23

You have pa­per­work to at­tend to this month, or im­por­tant dis­cus­sions, and your money, house, busi­ness in­ter­ests, apart­ment or pos­ses­sions will be on the agenda. Make al­lowances for stop-start progress un­til the mid­dle of May be­cause ei­ther you or oth­ers may fluc­tu­ate, or there will be is­sues with prin­ters, mail, com­put­ers or tele­phones that get in the way. A long and wind­ing piece of ne­go­ti­a­tion for six weeks is the best use of this time. If you must com­mit, or ac­cept a com­mit­ment, read the de­tails care­fully.

Scor­pio ● Oct 24-Nov 22

The fu­ture of your re­la­tion­ship with your for­mer, cur­rent or po­ten­tial part­ner from May 2018 for many years to come has its seeds in April 2017. Bear that in mind as you be­gin talk­ing and make al­lowances for de­lays, re­ver­sals or changes to the con­ver­sa­tion un­til the sec­ond half of next month. If your en­emy, op­po­nent or ri­val mat­ters more to you than any­thing else, this per­son is at the heart of dis­cus­sions. Spin this out if you can and treat April as a first at­tempt or rough sketch. Act from May 17.

Sagit­tar­ius ● Nov 23-Dec 21

Be aware of the need to put the pre­fix “re” in front of ev­ery­thing in April. It is a month for reschedul­ing, re­think­ing and re­view­ing. This is very im­por­tant when it comes to your daily work­load or your body. A typ­i­cal ex­am­ple would be a GP ap­point­ment that changes re­peat­edly, or a job in­ter­view which is in­con­clu­sive. If you can fast-for­ward the cru­cial is­sues un­til the sec­ond half of May, so much the bet­ter. If you must go ahead, dou­ble-check all the ar­range­ments and have a flex­i­ble diary. Keep com­mu­ni­ca­tions clear.

Capri­corn ● Dec 22-Jan 20

You will not know where you stand with a lover, preg­nancy ques­tion, baby, child or younger adult for weeks. The de­tails are in a state of flux in April, so pre­pare to go back to the draw­ing board once or twice, with the fi­nal out­come known in the sec­ond half of May. If you want to en­rol on a dat­ing web­site or use a dat­ing app, you may want to be­gin from May 17, when life is sim­pler. If your child’s school is a con­cern now, check ba­sic com­mu­ni­ca­tions, by ei­ther post, com­put­ers and tele­phones. It may be the is­sue!

Aquar­ius ● Jan 21-Feb 19

Did you know that from the sec­ond half of 2018 you could eas­ily move, re­or­gan­ise the fam­ily, re­think your house­hold or be­gin some ma­jor ren­o­va­tions? Small clues are there in April, but please al­low un­til the sec­ond half of May for life to run nor­mally. Un­til then, you will meet with de­lays, changes or the chance of a com­plete re­ver­sal. Pay at­ten­tion to the fine print and de­tails, no mat­ter if you are talk­ing to a builder, deal­ing with a par­ent or reshuf­fling flat­mates. Be par­tic­u­larly care­ful with mort­gages and auc­tions.

Pisces ● Feb 20-Mar 20

This is a month when any­thing from ex­treme weather to strike ac­tion could af­fect your com­mute or in­ter-city travel plans. The day-today busi­ness of com­mu­ni­ca­tions on­line, with your tele­phone or the post could also be af­fected. Know­ing this will help you plan in ad­vance, so back-up im­por­tant doc­u­ments and, when in doubt, check your spam fil­ters or tele­phone ser­vice. This is not a good time to buy a lap­top, smart­phone or sign up to a new

ISP. Mer­cury ret­ro­grade usu­ally brings con­fu­sion.

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