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Tau­rus Apr 22-May 21

This is one of the most im­por­tant months of the year for your fi­nances, prop­erty, char­ity or busi­ness. Seek the best ad­vice you can af­ford, as you will need to make an im­por­tant com­pro­mise and it will take many weeks. It may help to know you are in the tough­est cy­cle for 29 years and once you have made a de­ci­sion near May 25, you are over the hump. The key sig­na­tures or hand­shake agree­ment will come from June 7 to 21. Don’t rush this, or be pushed. Have a good plan.

Gem­ini ● May 22-Jun 22

Your pro­file, rep­u­ta­tion, ti­tle, name or ap­pear­ance will take up a lot of time in May. This may be be­cause you need a new im­age, or are pur­su­ing weight loss or cos­metic surgery. In other cases, you are de­ter­mined to re­launch in a new role, or with a new brand, if your name is your busi­ness. To make life sim­ple, slow down and cool down, even when you feel pres­sured. Your re­launch will come in time for your birth­day in late May or June. If in doubt talk to an im­age pro­fes­sional.

Can­cer ● Jun 23-Jul 23

Can­cer the crab car­ries her home on her back in the form of a shell, and your abode, home town or home­land is ex­tremely im­por­tant to you. Do not be put off by any pass­ing chal­lenges in com­ing weeks as your vi­sion of a big­ger and bet­ter re­sult is cor­rect. The de­tails may change be­tween now and Oc­to­ber, but you should be able to achieve stun­ning re­sults in the end. Your ca­reer, course, un­paid work or full-time par­ent­ing brings rad­i­cal changes in the first week. Don’t hang onto 2016. Choose free­dom.

Leo ● Jul 24-Aug 23

You will need to put your friends and your group first in May, as you must all make a new agree­ment that is seen to be fair by ev­ery­body. Com­pro­mise as much as you can, but make sure that the set-up which ar­rives near the New Moon on May 25 is one you can live with for the rest of the year. Your pa­tience will be worth it, Leo. If you give friend­ship the same at­ten­tion and care as any other re­la­tion­ship, you will dis­cover how pow­er­ful a united ef­fort can be. To­gether you can move moun­tains, so be pa­tient.

Virgo ● Aug 24-Sep 23

The re­la­tion­ship you have with your boss, lec­turer, staff, class­mates, col­leagues or clients is at a cross­roads in May. You may be af­fected by a reshuf­fle, or by a change in re­spon­si­bil­i­ties af­fect­ing your role. De­pend­ing on your per­sonal horos­cope, there may be even more dra­matic de­vel­op­ments. Ex­pect a fresh start in the fi­nal week. Ev­ery­one con­cerned will need to com­pro­mise and the ad­just­ments will go on into early July, so don’t as­sume that ev­ery­thing must be de­cided in four weeks, de­spite the ap­par­ent ur­gency.

Li­bra ● Sep 24-Oct 23

Try to put for­eign, cul­tural or re­li­gious dif­fer­ences to one side in May. You’ll need to come up with a new ar­range­ment, so make sure it’s fair on ev­ery­body. This fresh set-up will have a last­ing im­pact on your hol­i­days, re­gional com­mit­ments, global in­ter­ests, book, web­site or course. It may take a long time to bal­ance the scales so, de­spite the fact you’re writ­ing the first page near the 25th, it may take un­til July 9 for the chap­ter to be com­plete. Use feed­back you re­ceive from the fi­nal week.

Scor­pio ● Oct 24-Nov 22

Per­haps oth­ers in­vested in you, or you in­vested in your­self. Ei­ther way, as the mid­dle of the year ap­pears, there are no short­cuts or easy an­swers.

This also ap­plies to your pos­ses­sions, tax, bank, house or apart­ment. Even though the cru­cial news, meet­ings or pa­per­work will not ap­pear un­til af­ter June 7, you can make life eas­ier now by set­ting a sen­si­ble pace. You’ll need to make a com­pro­mise with oth­ers which ev­ery­body can ac­cept. Ask your­self what you’re pre­pared to share or give.

Sagit­tar­ius ● Nov 23-Dec 21

This is the most im­por­tant month of the year for your love life. The chem­istry you share with your former, cur­rent or po­ten­tial part­ner must be remixed, with a new for­mula by the last week of May. Try not to en­cour­age any ex­plo­sions. You two will make one de­ci­sion in the fi­nal week of May, then spend June dis­cussing the de­tails. It is very im­por­tant that both sides feel the scales are bal­anced be­tween you. Care­ful ne­go­ti­a­tion brings re­wards in July, no mat­ter if you need to split, com­mit, or just make some changes.

Capri­corn ● Dec 22-Jan 20

You will need to give your lifestyle most of your at­ten­tion in May. Look­ing af­ter your mind, body and spirit with equal care must come first. A new way to man­age your 24 hours a day will be in sight by the fi­nal week, yet get­ting there will in­volve ne­go­ti­a­tion. Your work, un­paid work, uni­ver­sity course or ap­proach to house­work will need to be man­aged dif­fer­ently, along with your sleep, fit­ness, food and health. Pro­fes­sional Capri­corns can ex­pect to see a reshuf­fle, merger, de­par­ture or ar­rival in their cho­sen field, which changes ev­ery­thing.

Aquar­ius ● Jan 21-Feb 19

The world of ba­bies, chil­dren, Mil­len­ni­als or younger peo­ple in gen­eral is set to change your plans from 2016 and ear­lier. In some cases the is­sue will be a lover who wants chil­dren or has them from a pre­vi­ous re­la­tion­ship. This cy­cle is also as­so­ci­ated with your child’s ed­u­ca­tion, or the gen­er­a­tion gap. Aquar­ius, the ten­sion will dis­ap­pear from one sit­u­a­tion on June 4, so pace your­self un­til then. The best so­lu­tions will come from think­ing calmly and at your own pace. A very dif­fer­ent ar­range­ment will ar­rive by July.

Pisces ● Feb 20-Mar 20

Home ren­o­va­tions, fam­ily changes, house­hold reshuf­fles or even a ma­jor prop­erty move are all in­di­cated by July, with the first big step in the fi­nal week of May. In other cases, the is­sue is your home town or home­land.

The writ­ten agree­ments or most im­por­tant dis­cus­sions will take place from June 7-20 and you can re­lax over win­ter. Do your best to keep the peace with peo­ple or or­gan­i­sa­tions who push too fast or too hard. The right de­ci­sion must be made care­fully and thor­oughly, so it is sat­is­fy­ing for all sides.

Aries ● Mar 21-Apr 21

You will be busier than usual with the me­dia, the in­ter­net, writ­ing, pub­lic speak­ing or ed­u­ca­tion in May. One spe­cial project, course or idea will re­quire a lot of ne­go­ti­a­tion, with a fi­nal re­sult by July 9. Try to keep dif­fer­ences to a min­i­mum and do not put any­thing in writ­ing in the heat of the mo­ment. This will make a fresh start much eas­ier near the New Moon on May 25 when you will find many peo­ple are watch­ing or lis­ten­ing. Do leave time and space in your diary for this plan as it needs 100 per cent fo­cus.

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