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Store stock in the re­frig­er­a­tor for up to 4 days; boil be­fore us­ing. Freeze in por­tions for up to 6 months. Keep a con­tainer in the freezer for odd­ments to be used for stock – onion skins, cel­ery tops, less-thancrisp car­rots and peel­ings, parsnips, green end of leeks and herb stalks. Don’t peel veg­eta­bles, just wash and chop. In­clude onion skin for colour. Parsnips, mush­rooms and toma­toes can be used; avoid starchy veg­eta­bles and beet­root. Parme­san cheese rind is a de­li­cious ad­di­tion to stock. Keep chicken bones and meat or fish bones; freeze these sep­a­rately, un­til you have enough to make stock.

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