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In re­cent years I have put on weight, par­tic­u­larly around my stom­ach and thighs. I used to wear a lot of cropped shirts and jer­seys but now I feel they only ac­cen­tu­ate my prob­lem ar­eas. Is there a way I can still wear cropped styles with­out them mak­ing me look big­ger than I am? There a few gen­eral rules that will al­low you to con­tinue wear­ing cropped styles while also con­ceal­ing ar­eas of con­cern: Fake it! Wear a longer shirt and give it a cropped look by tuck­ing it in on one side, leav­ing the other side un­tucked to skim over prob­lem spots. Tops with an asym­met­ri­cal hem­line cre­ate ver­ti­cal lines that are great for dis­guis­ing tum­mies and thighs. Wear­ing di­ag­o­nal lines helps trick the eye and there­fore dis­tract from ar­eas of con­cern. Wear a longer layer un­der­neath your cropped top, and make sure the hem is just be­low the widest part of your area of con­cern. An A-line hem is great for adding height and there­fore fab­u­lous for your thigh area. Keep pants long, and wear­ing heels will lengthen your thighs. Avoid tight or clingy gar­ments and fab­rics for your mid-sec­tion. Cre­ate ver­ti­cal lines rather than horizontal ones when styling. Ex­per­i­ment with colours, prints and drap­ing. Learn what works for you and never stop try­ing new ways to dress your sil­hou­ette.

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