Wood­land won­der­land

Per­son­alise your tree this year with adorable home­made wood­land char­ac­ters. Mar­sha Smith used Re­sene paints to cre­ate th­ese four cuties.

Australian Women’s Weekly NZ - - CRAFT WITH RESENE -

What you need

● Large Christ­mas baubles (no glit­ter and prefer­ably with a matt fin­ish)

● Fine sand­pa­per

● Pen­cil

● Small paint­brushes

● Empty toi­let pa­per roll

● A4 sheet of cork ● Scis­sors

● Hot glue gun

● Re­sene Art Ac­tion Clear Glaze gloss (op­tional)

● Twine

Se­lec­tion of Re­sene test­pot colours:

● Re­sene Black

● Re­sene Cola

● Re­sene Peru Tan

● Re­sene Twine

● Re­sene Squir­rel

● Re­sene Wafer

● Re­sene Quar­ter Sisal

● Re­sene Quar­ter Black White

1 Give baubles a light sand to re­move any dirt and roughen up slip­pery sur­faces. This will help the paint ad­here well.

2 Ro­tate baubles so the “seam” forms the side of each crea­ture’s head. Use a pen­cil to di­vide the “face” of each bauble into four parts (see dot­ted lines on draw­ings be­low).

3 Us­ing the draw­ings as a guide, pen­cil in curved lines to mark the fore­head of the deer, owl and fox and the face of the hedge­hog. The lines all come from the “seam” to nearly the cen­tre of the bauble.

4 Now draw in the nose, beak and eyes, and the hedge­hog’s tummy and arms. The deer’s eyes are made by draw­ing two arcs and a cen­tre cir­cle. The owl’s eyes are just a rep­e­ti­tion of cir­cles (when you paint th­ese, start from the out­side cir­cle and work your way in to the pupil).

5 Once your char­ac­ters have been drawn on, it’s time to paint. To stop the baubles from rolling around the ta­ble while the paint dries, cut round seg­ments from your toi­let roll – th­ese make the per­fect place for the baubles to rest se­curely.

6 Fol­low­ing the paint colour guide, start by paint­ing the brow arch us­ing the Re­sene colour shown. Next, paint the bulk of the face. When this is dry, use the same colour to paint the back of the bauble. Note: Two coats of paint are needed for the best cov­er­age .

7 Once the main colours and shapes are com­pleted and dry, use Re­sene Black and a very ne paint­brush to paint in eyes, nose, mouth and the hedge­hog’s spikes. Small de­tails and tex­tures, like the white high­lights in the eyes and and spikes on the hedge­hog, are all painted last.

8 To make ears and the deer’s antlers, paint the cork sheet in the re­quired Re­sene colours, al­low to dry, then pen­cil on the shape of the ears and antlers. Cut out with scis­sors and glue on us­ing a hot glue gun.

9 Fi­nally, brush baubles with Re­sene Art Ac­tion Clear Glaze gloss, if you want a glossier look, and when this is dry, at­tach a piece of twine to form a loop for hang­ing your cre­ations on the Christ­mas tree.

Use th­ese draw­ings as a ref­er­ence for the place­ment of eyes, noses and other fea­tures. The guide lines should help you achieve the cor­rect pro­por­tions. If you like, you can pho­to­copy and en­large them to the right size, which may help with your draw­ing....

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