Bay of Plenty Times

Cryp­tic crossword

- France · Italy


2. To doc­tor’s relief, the place is ac­cu­sa­tive in Latin (5)

5. Spe­cial per­for­mance a re­cidi­vist gives on his re­turn (4)

7. Be cog­nisant of the present af­ter the end of a week (4)

8. Tak­ing one on when get­ting into gear is charm­ing (8)

9. Beef (loin) camp is out for (8)

11. Prices re­main sta­ble for this com­pany (4)

12. Ab­nor­mal rent a part rule out (13)

15. The most im­por­tant part one gets un­der the skin (4)

17. I’m right Italy is turn­ing war­like (8)

19. Be such a ten­nis stroke as one will pre­pare in ad­vance (8)

21. The whole of France will sell tick­ets il­le­gally (4)

22. In­stru­ment for an Ana­nias, one is told (4)

23. Im­part a trace and get in a mud­dle with it (5)


1. Car­tog­ra­pher’s line no court can turn to (7)

2. Statute shows the de­fect of be­ing be­headed (3)

3. With which crab nips a re­li­gious teacher’s dis­ci­ple (5)

4. Colour of gem – a tan, of a sort (7)

5. It may stop one telling a joke (3)

6. The moon’s left to a run­about (5)

10. Add a piece for some old fool (5)

11. Make it fur, as borne by trees (5)

13. What’s left for man to change in ac­com­mo­da­tion pay­ment (7)

14. Stuck fast as a ship on guard for a change (7)

16. It is off-white and gold in Are­lia (5)

18. Thick wool cloth could en­fold no fe­male (5)

20. Un­cle once gave me Ec­stasy first (3)

21. It’s a bind if one can’t sep­a­rate the con­tes­tants (3)

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