School bans all fid­get spin­ners


One Cam­bridge school has banned the use of fid­get spin­ners be­cause of the dis­rup­tion they’ve been caus­ing in and out­side the class­room.

Cam­bridge Mid­dle School prin­ci­pal Ross Tyson said in­stead of serv­ing their pur­pose, the unique new buzz toys were cre­at­ing is­sues among stu­dents.

The fid­get spin­ner is a hand­held device con­sist­ing of a bear­ing in the cen­tre of a three­p­ronged device, which is held by two fin­gers and spun.

It was orig­i­nally de­signed as a ther­a­peu­tic tool for chil­dren with autism and ADHD, but has gained pop­u­lar­ity world­wide amongst all chil­dren.

The ban meant chil­dren with those learn­ing dif­fi­cul­ties could no longer bring their spin­ner to school. But Tyson said that wasn’t an is­sue.

‘‘Teach­ers are pretty good with kids with learn­ing con­di­tions these days, and be­fore the fid­get spin­ner there were other ways of help­ing them, and we can con­tinue to as­sist them like we have for many years,’’ Tyson said.

‘‘But if some­thing goes hay­wire out in the play­ground, it car­ries on back in the class­room and then the teacher has to in­ves­ti­gate what hap­pened and that doesn’t take just five min­utes,’’ Tyson said.

‘‘It’s just one of those fads I think, some­thing new comes around ev­ery two or three years and it be­comes top­i­cal to have one.’’

Tyson said there was also con­cerned that stu­dents who didn’t have a spin­ner felt left out.

‘‘I mean that’s why we wear a school uni­form, so these kids don’t have to wear the lat­est Nikes. If a child that doesn’t have one and feels a lit­tle ag­grieved, and a spin­ner is ly­ing there on the desk, they might feel like tak­ing it.’’

New Zealand com­pany Game Kings, which stocks the fid­get spin­ners, has had trou­ble keep­ing up with de­mand.

‘‘I think we have pushed out about 10,000 units since the craze went men­tal about three weeks ago,’’ he said.

They hadn’t had any neg­a­tive feed­back from schools re­gard­ing them as a dis­trac­tion.

‘‘But we have had some schools ac­tu­ally buy them in bulk.’’

He said it was amaz­ing that chil­dren were get­ting into a craze that wasn’t tech­nol­ogy.

‘‘Both the spin­ners and the fid­get cubes have been re­ally pop­u­lar, peo­ple are plac­ing back or­ders.’’

Cam­bridge Mid­dle School prin­ci­pal Ross Tyson has banned fid­get spin­ners from the school.

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